Early Partletons


This information comes all the way from New Zealand where two Partletons emigrated independently during the 20th century, resulting in a small handful of current NZ Partleton residents.

The originator of these documents is John Charles Partleton who was born in Poplar, London, in 1923 and who emigrated with his wife Joyce Pamela Heywood to New Zealand some time after the second world war.

John was clearly a keen family historian and has left two fascinating papers for us to work on.

The first is an absolutely extraordinary family tree stretching right back to 1327. We must treat this tree with caution because it does contain known errors and we are quite sure that the direct line as presented is wrong, starting with Benjamin of 1799/1800 whose father we know from the actual records is not William Edmund.

But the information post-1800 is mostly correct, and represents a formidable piece of research from the days before the internet and online databases. And we can see from the sheer detail that this is high quality information and a highly professional piece of work. Frustratingly, the tree does not reveal the sources of its information, and the only one which is referenced - the marriage of William Edmund to Ann Charlotte Stanton in 1797 - is definitely not in the Church of St Clement Danes as stated. This tree is so full of detail, it really begs the question: how on earth did he do it?

So this is a marvellous start to a much longer journey of working backwards in time. John's tree introduces some possible changes of spelling which are inevitable as we go further back - these we must regard as somewhat speculative but they may ultimately prove to be correct.

Below is a scan of the tree:


And below is John Charles Partleton's personal history, written about 1978: there may be speculation in it, but again it is a very valuable resource:


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