Lambeth Bridges: 1862 and 1932 (Part 2)


Continued from Part 1

With the decision taken to build the new Lambeth Bridge, the first step was to erect a temporary, wooden, pedestrian structure right next to the original as can be seen in this photo taken on a misty morning in 1929 from the Middlesex side at Millbank:


The dismantling of the bridge proceeds through 1929 - here is the stub of the Millbank end. These photos look as fresh as if they were taken yesterday. A credit to the photographer:


The construction work on the new bridge starts in 1930; here we can see the significant disruption to the road at Millbank:


In the following fabulous photograph of 1931, we are given a superb perspective of what a formidable job it is to create a new bridge; naturally we don't even think about it when we cross itů

Finally, we see the finished bridge; the photo was taken on 29 June 1932. In the distance, under the first arch we can see what appears to be the newly constructed Battersea Power Station, though this may be out of sight beyond the bend in the river. The engineering company for the bridge was Dorman Long; they are still going strong. Nice job.

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