Welcome to the Partleton Family Name Website

You probably got here because your name is Partleton. Or your mum’s name is. Or your great great granddad’s… whatever, you get our drift.

There are not many Partletons in the world, so you are almost certainly related to the good people on our website. So, welcome again.

I've had a lot of fun creating this website. I hope you have fun reading it.


What do we know?

1. We know that all Partletons in the world originate from just two places: (i) St James, London, and (ii) a small area in Cumbria. The connection, if any, between these two branches of the family tree is not known... yet.

2. We know (ok, we are 95% sure) that all London Partletons are descended from one man. He was Thomas Partleton. Thomas married Hannah Dunsdon in 1759 in the parish of St James, London.

3. We know we'd like to hear from you.

We'd like to encourage you to contact us. Send us an email to partleton@yahoo.co.uk


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