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Photo 1.1 Frederick Charles Partleton (1898-1987) and his wife Marguerite Ethel Eve (1897-1975) with some of their family in 1937.


Photo 1.2 In the next photo, the lady on the right is Frederick's sister Dorothy (Doll) Partleton (1897-1986):

The above photo was sent in by Doll's great-granddaughter Joanne Rubin. Thanks Joanne!


Photo 1.3 The next two photographs are of Frederick's brother Alfred (1906-1971), who ran the newspaper stand in Wimbledon Park Tube Station.


With Alfred in the photo above are his wife Maisie Botting (1907-1999) and his daughters Heather (left) and Anne (right). This picture was sent in by Heather who now lives in Australia.

For an interesting diversion into the story of Alf's newspaper business, click here.

Photo 1.4 The next picture was taken by the aforementioned Alfred Partleton in 1936; some of his brothers and sisters:

1. Alfred's brother Charles Partleton (1903-1987)  2. Alfred's sister Olive Partleton (b1900)  3. Lilian Gardner, wife of [1]  4. Alf's wife Maisie Botting (1906-1999).  5. Olive Partleton's daughter Olive Perry.  6. Daisy Partleton, daughter of Charles [1].  7. Alf's daughter Anne  8. Not known  9&10. Marked on rear of photo as "Uncle Bill & Aunt Daisy". Not known if these are family members.

As observed by Terry Partleton, the windmill in the background pinpoints the location of this picture as Wimbledon Common, which we see in the modern photograph below:


Photo 2.0. The next picture is the Wedding of Arthur C Partleton (b1895) to Emma Elizabeth Payne (1894-1982) in July 1917 in Kingston-upon-Thames.

As you can see above, it's a fantastic and very jolly picture, but we only know the names of the bride and groom. We can speculate that No 3 is Arthur's mum, Kate Skinner (1877-1966) [His dad is not in the photo]. But WHO are all the others? If you know, send us an email to



Photo 3.0. The following picture shows the wedding of Eric Wood to Eileen Skipsey in the early 1950's, All Saints Church, Wimbledon. Eric is the son of Marion Partleton (1908-1988). Marion is the sister of Arthur C Partleton (b1895) whose wedding is Photo 2.0 above. Many thanks to Tina Wood for this photo:

Kate Skinner [7 above] and Marion [3] were probably at Arthur C Partleton's wedding in 1917 in photo no.2. Marion would only have been 9 years old. Can you spot either of them?


Photo 3.1 And below is Kate Partleton nee Skinner in the 1960's:




Photo 4.0 The next picture is Frederick Partleton (1878-1952) and his wife Charlotte Jewitt (1879-1964) with some of their family. We believe this picture to be taken in the late 1930's. Many thanks to Carole and Howell Roderick for sending this superb photo:


Photo 4.1 and 4.2 And below are Frederick (1878) and Charlotte (1879) with their family on their Golden Wedding anniversary in Aldershot in 1949:




For the picture on the right:

Back row, l to r :
Len and Grace* Needham; Gladys and Charles Partleton; Ethel, Bill's wife; William (Bill) Partleton; Fred Partleton's wife; Maisie, George Partleton's wife; Fred Partleton; Len and Ethel* Carrier.


Charlotte and Frederick


George Partleton; Marion* Swan

Children, l to r :
Joy Partleton (George's daughter); Linda Partleton (Bill's daughter); Neighbour's child; Carole Carrier holding Andrea Carrier; Sally Needham with Penny Needham.



Photo 5.0 and 5.1 The next pictures are Eric James Partleton (1922-1999), looking very dapper in his RAF uniform, and his wife Maud Noble (1912-1997):




The next photograph is of Eric's big brother John Edward Partleton (1908-1942). The picture is from the book 'Hero of the Upholder' by Jim Allaway, published in 2004.


During WW2, the Submarine 'Upholder'  was part of the British 10th flotilla based in Malta.  She successfully completed 24 patrols and and sank over 120,000 tons of enemy shipping including 2 destroyers, 3 U-boats, 3 transport ships, 10 supply vessels, 2 tankers and 1 trawler. 

Consequently the Upholder  became the most successful British submarine of the second world war. Her Captain, Lt Commander M D Wanklyn also became the first WW2 submarine commander to be awarded the Victoria Cross (for a particularly arduous 7th patrol during 1941).

On board was Leading Seaman John Partleton, highlighted with an arrow in the photograph below.

During April 1942, Upholder  was never to return from her 25th Mediterranean patrol NE of Tripoli. It is believed she was depth charged and sank with all hands. John Partleton died aged just 34: Photo 6.0


Just for a flavour of John's world during WW2, below is a picture identical to the Upholder's control room:



Photo 7.0 The next picture is Margaret Mary Partleton (1905-1965) and her son David Neil Partleton; this picture taken in London on David's 16 birthday; 11 August 1947:



Photo 8.0 The next picture is Clara Ann Partleton (1867-1952), daughter of Thomas Partleton (1831-1899) and Hannah Dalziel Bulbrook (Picture courtesy of Carina Brooks who is descended from Clara Ann Partleton):



Photo 9.0 The photograph below is Clara Partleton's brother, Walter Benjamin Partleton (1881-1955) with his wife Amy Rosa Cook (1881-1962) and their family.



The above picture was kindly sent in by Ian M Partleton in Australia. The people in the picture are: (L-R at the back) Walter Benjamin Partleton Jr. (b1900); Amy Rosa Cook (1881-1962); Amy Rosa Partleton (1904-1995); Walter Benjamin Partleton (1881-1962). The little boy in front is Ian Partleton's dad Edmund Maurice Partleton (b1911) who, when he grew up, emigrated to Australia in 1950 with his wife Kate Barnard and their children Terence, Ian and Jennifer. This picture was taken 1917/1918 with the two Walters in their army uniforms.


Photo 10.0 The next picture was sent in by Jim Partleton all the way from the USA. Jim's dad Alfred R Partleton (No 4 below) emigrated from Cumbria to America on 04 October 1910. This photo was taken in the year 1922:



Photo 10.1 Below we see another photo of Ada Partleton (No 5 in the photo above). Ada was born in Workington in 1884 and died in Whitehaven, Cumbria in 1962.



Photo 10.1 Here's Ada as a young girl with her mum Mary Ann Stuart:

Photo 10.2  The next photo is Ada's sister Rebecca Jane Partleton. Rebecca was born in Workington in 1882 and died in Cockermouth, Cumbria in 1914 aged just 32:





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