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Name Birth date Death date Spouse
Aaron Partleton Private    
Ada Kiberd 1883 Unknown Alfred Partleton
Ada Norman 1900 Unknown  
Ada Partleton 28 May 1877 Jan-75  
Ada Partleton 02 May 1884 Jan-62 Gerald Bowes
Ada Partleton Private   William Ball
Ada Walters 1865 Unknown Tom Partleton
Adam Eve 1792 1809  
Adam Partleton Private    
Agnes Howes 1894 Apr-65 William Partleton
Agnes Hunter   Unknown Percy Barrett
Agnes Marks 1868 Unknown  
Agnes Partleton Oct-16 Oct-17  
Agnes Partleton Private   Eurfil Adams
Alain Eve Private    
Alan Barr Private   Daisy Partleton
Alan Eve Private    
Alan Kirby Private   Pauline Darlington
Alan Mulvey Private   Joy Partleton
Alan Partleton Private   Anita Giles
Alan Partleton Private   Claire Profitt
Alan Piatt Private    
Alan Weldon Private   Elisabeth Partleton
Albert Collard 1885 Unknown  
Albert Eldridge 1901 Unknown Winifred Woolston
Albert Eve 1900 Unknown  
Albert Eve 1901 1971 Lilian Papworth
Albert Fielder   Unknown  
Albert German Sep 1859 Aft. 1930 Lula Unknown
Albert Luetchford 1885 Unknown  
Albert Luetchford 1864 Aft. 1901 Henrietta Partleton
Albert Needham   Unknown  
Albert Partleton Jul 1898 Oct 1898  
Albert Partleton Jul 1891 Apr 1893  
Albert Paynter 1938 1976 Shirley Aucock
Albert Smith 1886 Unknown  
Albert Tolfree   Unknown Amelia Partleton
Albert Topley Private   Grace Partleton
Alex Leon Private    
Alexander Beer Private    
Alexander Shurrock 15-Dec-20 Jun-84 Elsie Partleton
Alexandra Loring Private   Ralph Lynch
Alfred Arnold 1866 Unknown  
Alfred Clay 11 Feb 1821 Unknown Eliza
Alfred Darby 1898 Unknown  
Alfred Eve 1862 Unknown  
Alfred Eve 1839 Unknown Catherine Blake
Alfred Hemmings   Unknown Rose Partleton
Alfred Hicks 26-May-13 Nov-94 Frances Partleton
Alfred Iveson   1917 Rose Partleton
Alfred Iveson Private    
Alfred Partleton 1881 Oct-49 Ada Kiberd
Alfred Partleton Private   Bonnie Rea
Alfred Partleton 14 Apr 1891 09-Oct-52 Cora Ward
Alfred Partleton 23-Dec-06 Jul-71 Maisie Botting
Alfred Partleton Private   Brenda Sutton
Alfred Whale 29 May 1836 Unknown  
Alfred Young   Unknown Amy Partleton
Alice Baker 1899 1927 Benjamin Partleton
Alice Blanchard 1899 Jul-62 Bertram Partleton
Alice Burl 13-Apr-06 Apr-99 Richard Partleton
Alice Crowhurst 1863 Unknown  
Alice East Private    
Alice Eve 1874 Unknown  
Alice Eve 1874 Nov 1892  
Alice Knight 10 Nov 1884 Jun-84 Benjamin Partleton
Alice Moran Private    
Alice Munn Jun 1862 Unknown  
Alice Partleton Jan 1897 Jan-49 Thomas East
Alice Partleton Apr-11 Apr-94 James Edmonds
Alice Partleton Private   Frederick Cordingley
Alice Partleton 30 May 1854 19 Dec 1857  
Alice Partleton 1903 Apr-27  
Alice Partleton Nov 1898 08-Oct-00  
Alice Partleton 01-Mar-01 Mar-90 Reginald Aubrey
Alice Smith 1876 Unknown  
Alice Stevens 10 Aug 1862 Unknown  
Alice Unknown   Unknown Charles Mecklenburgh
Alice Whitworth Private   Unknown Matson
Alison O'Regan Private    
Alonzo German Jan 1867 26-Jan-42 Charlotte Jaeger
Amanda Mulvey 04-Apr-65 May-96 Unknown Unknown
Amanda Partleton Private    
Amanda Paynter Private   Michael Bryant
Amber Roberts Private   Xavier Fernandez
Amelia Eve 1828 Unknown Charles Harmer
Amelia Eve 1866 Unknown  
Amelia Greenaway 1879 Unknown  
Amelia Myner 1879 1898  
Amelia Partleton Apr 1876 Jan 1878  
Amelia Partleton 26-May-03 Jan-91 Albert Tolfree
Amelie Munn Dec 1847 Unknown  
Amie Partleton Private    
Amy Cook 1881 Jan-62 Walter Partleton
Amy Elder   Unknown William Partleton
Amy Murray 19-Sep-25 Dec-93 Reginald Partleton
Amy Partleton 1869 Oct 1885  
Amy Partleton Private    
Amy Partleton 19-Sep-25 Dec-93  
Amy Partleton 23-Sep-04 Aug-95 Alfred Young
Ancestor 2 LONDON NO KNOWN PARENTS   Unknown  
Ancestor 3 CUMBRIA NO KNOWN PARENT   Unknown  
Andrea Paget Private   Mark Partleton
Andreij Skopinski Private   Bozena Piotrowska
Andrew Fallows Private   Lisa Partleton
Andrew Martyniuk Private    
Andrew Partleton Private   Ann Curson
Angela Grady Private   James Hudy
Angela Partleton Private   Gary Hall
Anita Giles Private   Alan Partleton
Anita Hayes Private   Stephen Partleton
Anita Paine Private   Stephen Martyniuk
Ann Ballesty 30-Apr-33 12-Jan-83 Neville Paine
Ann Burke   Unknown William Greenwood
Ann Chambers 1858 Apr-06 John Partleton
Ann Cobb 1822 05 Oct 1897 William Partleton
Ann Cunningham 26 Apr 1807 Unknown  
Ann Curson Private   Andrew Partleton
Ann Day Abt. Jan 1861 Unknown  
Ann Dowsett 1754 1834 William Eve
Ann Dunsdon Feb 1739 Unknown  
Ann Eve 1819 Unknown  
Ann Eve 1864 1946 Charles Mecklenburgh
Ann Eve 1791 Unknown  
Ann George 06 Jun 1802 18 Nov 1845 Thomas Partleton
Ann Greenwood 14 Nov 1759 Unknown  
Ann Hartlebury Private   Michael Partleton
Ann Milligan 1809 Jan 1873 William Partleton
Ann Partleton 11 Jan 1857 1932 William Munn
Ann Partleton 06 Nov 1836 Oct-24 Edward Unknown
Ann Partleton   Unknown John Hayston
Ann Partleton 25 Jun 1771 Unknown  
Ann Partleton 1795 1867 William Benson
Ann Partleton 1808 Jan 1878  
Ann Partleton 1822 Oct 1897  
Ann Partleton 1851 Jan-06  
Ann Partleton 1854 Unknown William Darby
Ann Partleton Private   Brian Gooden
Ann Price 16 Dec 1821 Unknown George Willcox
Ann Thompson 06 Mar 1822 Unknown  
Ann Tolfree Private    
Ann Unknown Private   Douglas Darlington
Ann Unknown 1812 Unknown William Partleton
Ann Unknown   Unknown Robert Hartley
Ann Unknown   Unknown Dutton Greenwood
Ann Willcox 1849 Unknown  
Anna Ilczyszyn 1920 1952 Mikola Trush
Anne Greenwood 01 Jan 1804 Unknown  
Anne Greenwood 07 Sep 1784 Unknown  
Anne Greenwood 02 Jan 1772 Unknown  
Anne Haston 1729 Unknown Edward Partleton
Anne Partleton Private   Brian Gooden
Anne Partleton Private   Maurice Brunnock
Anne Reilly 1825 1892 William Partleton
Annie Brown 22-Apr-01 Oct-83 James Partleton
Annie Chambers 1891 Unknown  
Annie Darby 1883 Unknown  
Annie Eve 1871 Unknown  
Annie Munn Jul-07 Unknown  
Annie Partleton   Unknown William Darby
Annie Partleton 08 Nov 1888 Unknown  
Annie Partleton 17 Apr 1883 Jul 1892  
Anthony Partleton Private   Marian Rogers
Anthony Partleton Private    
Anthony Partleton Private   Rosalie Unknown
Antonia Partleton Private    
Archibald Swan 18-Jun-09 Jun-96 Marian Partleton
Arthur Barrett 1880 1881  
Arthur Barrett 1830 Jul 1857 Sarah Unknown Possibly Collison
Arthur Eve 1887 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Arthur Eve 1876 Unknown  
Arthur Eve 1870 Unknown Julia Unknown
Arthur Eve 1864 Unknown  
Arthur Friend Private   Florence Partleton
Arthur Loring 05 May 1877 20-Nov-17 Harriet Kimber
Arthur Partleton Apr 1893 30-Jun-17 Florence Knight
Arthur Partleton 27-Aug-27 Sep-93 Grace Frost
Arthur Partleton Private   Joyce Reeve
Arthur Partleton Apr 1874 Jul-44 Kathleen Skinner
Arthur Partleton 10 Dec 1894 Jan-77 Emma Payne
Arthur Rawling   Unknown Daisy Mecklenburgh
Arthur Roberts   Unknown Joan Arscott
Arthur Thompson 1865 Aft. 1901 Sarah Unknown
Arthur Whitworth   Unknown Ethel Partleton
Audrey Partleton Private   John Wright
Austin Parker Private   Patricia Partleton
Ava Fiore Private    
Ava Partleton Private    
Barbara Partleton Private    
Barbara Partleton Private   Mark Addrison
Barry McDonald Private   Shayne Roberts
Barry Partleton Private   Maureen Collins
Beatrice Brunton Jan 1898 Unknown  
Beatrice unknown Private    
Becca Stroud Private    
Belinda Willis Private   Mark Hawkins
Benjamin Eve 1796 1873 Nehetable Boreham
Benjamin Partleton Private    
Benjamin Partleton Private   Kathleen Cole
Benjamin Partleton 02-Apr-22 Mar-95 Dorothy Gibbard
Benjamin Partleton 13-Feb-03 Oct-23 Alice Baker
Benjamin Partleton 19 Jun 1799 17 Jan 1843 Mary Greenwood
Benjamin Partleton Apr 1883 Oct-67 Alice Knight
Benjamin Partleton 12 Oct 1894 12-Apr-67 Dorothy Bailey
Benjamin Partleton 10-Sep-22 Apr-97 Ellen Huckle
Benjamin Partleton 12 Jan 1825 Jan 1884 Harriet Toms
Benjamin Partleton Private    
Benjamin Partleton 23 May 1869 Jul 1870  
Benjamin Partleton 31 Mar 1874 Oct-47  
Benjamin Partleton 1871 Jul-37 Mildred Sears
Benjamin Partleton 12 Mar 1839 Jul-10 Jane Clark
Benjamin Partleton 23 Nov 1774 Abt. 1833 Catherine Iremonger
Benjamin Willcox   Unknown  
Bertha Munn Jun 1864 Unknown  
Bertram Partleton 12-Apr-00 Jan-73 Alice Blanchard
Bertram Partleton   Unknown Violet Newton
Beryl Partleton Private   Kenneth Farmer
Beth Partleton Private   Vern Vice
Betty East Private    
Betty Hood Private    
Betty Partleton Private   Edward Davies
Betty Staines Private   John Partleton
Bly Bohannon 1809 Unknown  
Bogdan Trush Private   Unknown Unknown
Bonnie Rea Private   Alfred Partleton
Bozena Piotrowska Private   Reginald Partleton
Brandon Lusk Private    
Brenda Partleton Private   Richard Martins
Brenda Sutton Private   Alfred Partleton
Brian Aucock Private    
Brian Cordingley Private    
Brian Gooden Private   Anne Partleton
Brian Gooden Private   Ann Partleton
Bridget Wall   Unknown James Cunningham
Brook Carney Private    
Bruce Partleton Private    
Bryan McCullough 1894 Unknown  
Caleb Lodge 1885 Unknown Clarine Barrett
Carl Schwingel   Unknown Rose Marty
Carlie Watt Private    
Carol Jackson Private   William Atkins
Carol Partleton Private    
Carol Partleton Private   Kevin Larkin
Carol Partleton Private    
Carol Ryrol Private   Michael Loring
Carole Carrier Private   Howell Roderick
Carole Partleton Private   Mark Conway
Carole Schwingel 05-Sep-34 19-Mar-07 James Partleton
Caroline Darvill 04 Oct 1885 28-Mar-51 Sydney Addison
Caroline Day 1853 Unknown  
Caroline Jackman 17 Jan 1810 Jan 1866 Henry Hartley
Caroline Large Private   Richard Partleton
Caroline Nichol Private   Kevin Yates
Caroline Partleton Private    
Caroline Partleton 19 Sep 1841 06 Dec 1844  
Caroline Price 1820 Unknown Henry Day
Caroline Unknown 1793 Aft. 1871 John Price
Caroline unknown Private    
Caroline Whale 11 Aug 1822 Unknown  
Carolyn Clarke Private   Julian Partleton
Carolyn Cook Private   Kenneth Jackson
Casey McDonald Private   Heather Unknown
Caspar Unknown Private    
Cath. Clay 1782 Unknown  
Catharine Cunningham Mar 1841 Jan 1845  
Catherine Blake 1838 Unknown Alfred Eve
Catherine Bryan 27 Oct 1888 Unknown John Paine
Catherine Iremonger Abt. 1774 Bef. 1832 Benjamin Partleton
Catherine Jobson   Unknown Edward Partleton or Partington
Catherine Partleton 1860 Oct-31  
Catherine Partleton 04 Apr 1784 Unknown William Thompson
Catherine Partleton 18 Oct 1810 Jan 1852 James Cunningham
Catherine Partleton 03 Feb 1843 Aft. 1887 Samuel Wilson
Catherine Partleton 25 Oct 1872 Aft. 1912 William Grove
Catherine Partleton 18 Feb 1876 Apr 1884  
Catherine Partleton 20 Nov 1835 Oct 1893 Edward Wheeler
Catherine Partleton 17 Oct 1880 Oct 1895  
Catherine Rudd   Unknown John Partleton
Catherine Storey 1827 Aft. 1891 Thomas Partington Possibly Partleton
Catherine Trousdale 1833 Unknown  
Catherine Unknown 1827 Unknown Thomas Partleton
Catherine Wheeler Jan 1867 Aft. 1901  
Catherine Wilson 1876 Unknown  
Cecil Hay   Unknown Lydia Partleton
Cecil Partleton 18 Apr 1896 Apr-66 Frances Hammond
Cecilia Tallant Private   Benjamin Partleton
Ceida Unknown Private   Lance Partleton
Celia Griffin Private   Thomas Carney
Charles Anderton 1846 Unknown Eliza Clay
Charles Barrett 1877 Unknown  
Charles Benson 1718 May 1802 Eleanor Unknown
Charles Browning   Unknown Rose Eve
Charles Burns Private   June Partleton
Charles Cowley   Unknown Nellie Mecklenburgh
Charles Dickson Private   Carole Schwingel
Charles Eldridge 1877 1953 Eliza Partleton
Charles Eve 1854 Unknown  
Charles Eve 1867 Unknown  
Charles Eve 1830 1903 Sara Joyce
Charles German 23-Jun-01 14-Apr-68  
Charles German Mar 1838 24-Dec-06 Hannah Cunningham
Charles German 20 Jul 1863 01 Dec 1865  
Charles Greenwood 25 Apr 1769 Unknown  
Charles Greenwood 1793 Unknown Sarah Dalton
Charles Harmer   Unknown Amelia Eve
Charles Jackman 23 Feb 1819 Jul 1856  
Charles Jewitt 1880 Unknown  
Charles Marks 1804 Unknown Sarah Unknown
Charles Marks 1888 Unknown  
Charles Marks Oct 1843 Oct-06 Ann Partleton
Charles Mecklenburgh 1833 Unknown Alice Unknown
Charles Mecklenburgh 1905 1974 Dorothy Wood
Charles Mecklenburgh 1862 Unknown Ann Eve
Charles Palmer   Unknown Mary unknown
Charles Partleton 12 Mar 1839 Apr-16 Charlotte Barnes
Charles Partleton 04-Apr-21 Apr-02  
Charles Partleton 22-May-16 04-Jan-98 May Adams
Charles Partleton 16 Jun 1885 21-Oct-17 Lillian Rolfe
Charles Partleton Private   Jean Mills
Charles Partleton Private   Gladys Harvey
Charles Partleton 26 Jan 1842 19-Dec-18 Jane Willcox
Charles Partleton 28 Jun 1870 11-Aug-07  
Charles Partleton Jul 1863 20 Jul 1864  
Charles Partleton 07 Feb 1894 Dec-87 Lizzie Hutchinson
Charles Partleton 25-Aug-03 Apr-87 Lilian Gardner
Charles Partleton 28 Apr 1868 Bef. 1921 Susan Pirie
Charles Partleton 03 Apr 1839 19 Jun 1839  
Charles Price 1829 Unknown  
Charles Ryan 1878 Unknown Florence Partleton
Charles Ryan   Unknown Florence Partleton
Charles Whale 08 Apr 1818 Unknown  
Charlie Clear 1902 1968 Clara Partleton
Charlie Partleton Private    
Charlotte Barnes 1840 Jan-17 Charles Partleton
Charlotte Eve 1861 Unknown  
Charlotte Eve 1871 Unknown  
Charlotte Greenwood 20 Oct 1761 Unknown  
Charlotte Jaeger Jan 1875 01-Jan-59 Alonzo German
Charlotte Jewitt 1879 Jan-64 Frederick Partleton
Charlotte Partleton Apr 1893 Jan-72 Maurice Mannall
Charlotte Partleton Private    
Charlotte Partleton Jul 1880 Jan 1881  
Charlotte Partleton 1869 08-Sep-39 Thomas Daldry
Charlotte Wills 1868 Unknown Thomas Partleton
Chelsie Partleton Private    
Chloe Dobie Private    
Christen Partleton Private   Richard Persinger
Christie Partleton Private    
Christina Myner 22 Oct 1867 Unknown  
Christina Unknown 1843 Oct 1886 William Myner
Christine Browning Private    
Christine Haimes Private   John Partleton
Christine Hewson Private   Stephen Partleton
Christine Meekey Private   Peter Loring
Christine Partleton Private   Joseph Messenger
Ciaran Devine Private   Teresa Partleton
Cindy Atkins Private    
Claire Partleton Private    
Claire Partleton Private    
Claire Probert Private   John Partleton
Claire Profitt Private   Alan Partleton
Clara Eve 1850 Unknown  
Clara Munn 27 Sep 1860 Unknown  
Clara Partleton Jul 1867 06-Apr-52 Samuel Norman
Clara Partleton 16 Oct 1875 Oct-69 Unknown Probably King
Clara Partleton 05 Jun 1846 Oct 1847  
Clara Partleton Apr-04 1933 Charlie Clear
Clara Partleton Private    
Clara Wheeler Apr 1872 Aft. 1901  
Clarine Barrett 01 Jan 1879 Aft. 1956 Caleb Lodge
Colin Partleton Private   Diane Unknown
Common 1 Common Ancestor   Unknown  
Cora Ward 1894 06-Feb-66 Alfred Partleton
Corinne Partleton 14-Nov-19 30-Jan-98 Michael Monahan
Coye Lowe Private    
Craig Hutchison Private   Yvonne Partleton
Cruz Fernandez Private    
Cyril Brittain   Unknown Iris Eldridge
Daisy Byatt 24-Oct-02 Unknown  
Daisy Eve 1894 Unknown  
Daisy Mecklenburgh Jun 1898 1964 Arthur Rawling
Daisy Partleton Private   Alan Barr
Daniel Addrison Private    
Daniel Greenwood 25 Jun 1788 Unknown  
Daniel Greenwood 16 May 1759 Unknown  
Daniel Harvey 1859 Unknown Sarah Unknown
Daniel Partleton Private    
Daniel Partleton 12 Mar 1815 Unknown  
Dave Morrison 10-Aug-23 Jun-99 Sylvia Partleton
David Beer Private   Gillian Jackson
David Cunningham   Unknown Elizabeth Lysons
David Darlington Private    
David Eve 1864 Unknown  
David Eve 1877 Unknown  
David Hubbard Private   Joan Partleton
David Lewis Private   Gillian Partleton
David Loring Private    
David Marlborough Private   Jane Partleton
David Moran Private   Jacqueline Partleton
David Partleton Private   Maureen Oshodi
David Partleton 11-Aug-31 Abt. 2000 Valerie O'Neill
David Pirie 16 Nov 1809 Apr 1893 Sarah Todd
David Pirie Bef. 1789 Jan 1840 Mary Unknown
David Pirie 12 May 1839 1892 Frances Salter
David Pirie (Likely Candidate) 1766 Oct 1843  
David Smith 1870 Unknown  
David Surridge Private   Joan Partleton
David Tierman Private   Lynn Partleton
Davies Partleton Abt. 1811 Unknown Sarah Irvin
Dawson Partleton Private    
Dean Partleton Private    
Deborah Morrison Private    
Deborah Partleton Private   Unknown Leon
Denise Arscott Private   Unknown Strangeways
Denise Walker Private   Guy Partleton
Denna Partleton 1826 Unknown  
Dennis Eve Private    
Derek Partleton 08-Oct-50 Sep-99  
Derek Peters Private   Lesley Brandon
Derek Stroud Private   Lainie Rawitser
Derrick Partleton Jul-29 Oct-29  
Diane Unknown Private   Colin Partleton
Donna Partleton Private   Unknown Dobie
Dora Marks 1882 Unknown  
Doreen Partleton Private    
Doris Haggis 13-Jul-25 28-Mar-93 James Addison
Doris Mannall Private    
Doris Needham   Unknown  
Dorothy Arscott 28-Jul-19 09-Jun-06  
Dorothy Bailey 10-Jan-00 Jul-81 Benjamin Partleton
Dorothy Bell Private   Terence Partleton
Dorothy Gibbard Private   Benjamin Partleton
Dorothy Haigh   Unknown John Benson
Dorothy Head Private    
Dorothy Munn Sep 1890 1954 George Arscott
Dorothy Osgood   Unknown Fred Mecklenburgh
Dorothy Partleton 22-Sep-15 Nov-90 Sydney Loring
Dorothy Partleton 27-Oct-23 22-Jan-71 Sydney Waters
Dorothy Partleton Jun 1897 Feb-86 John Haggis
Dorothy Unknown Private   Alfred Partleton
Dorothy Wood Private   Charles Mecklenburgh
Douglas Darlington Private   Ann Unknown
Douglas Eve Private    
Dulcie Boote Private    
Dutton Greenwood 21 Feb 1787 Unknown  
Dutton Greenwood 26 May 1758 Unknown Mary Starr
Dutton Greenwood Bef. 1734 Unknown Ann Unknown
Dylan Hall Private    
Ebony Roberts Private    
Edith Christie 12 Sep 1899 Jan-83 Frederick Partleton
Edith Eve 1880 Unknown  
Edith Jarvis 1878 Unknown Herbert Munn
Edith Jenkins 1880 Jul-66 John Partleton
Edith Mannall Private    
Edith Marks 1866 Unknown  
Edith Mecklenburgh 1890 1974 Wally Bishop
Edith Partleton Jul-12 Oct-71 Harold Aucock
Edith Partleton 1888 Unknown  
Edith Unknown 1849 Unknown John Lodge
Edmund Partleton Jul-11 Aft. 1949 Kate Barnard
Edna Curtis 20-Dec-10 Oct-89 John Partleton
Edna Partleton 28-Nov-19 Jun-99 William Geddes
Edward Beckenham Private   Ivy Young
Edward Davies Private   Betty Partleton
Edward Eve 1867 1879  
Edward German 17 Oct 1872 18-Nov-56  
Edward Greenwood 23 Jun 1795 Unknown  
Edward Munn 1819 Unknown  
Edward Norton   Aft. 1901 Harriett Partleton
Edward Partleton Sep 1840 Apr 1841  
Edward Partleton 06 Sep 1837 Jul 1838  
Edward Partleton Private    
Edward Partleton 18 Oct 1835 Unknown  
Edward Partleton 31-Jan-01 Jan-76  
Edward Partleton Oct-18 1944  
Edward Partleton Abt. 1822 Unknown Mary Penny
Edward Partleton Bef. 1734 Unknown Mary unknown
Edward Partleton Bef. 1752 Unknown  
Edward Partleton 13 Dec 1760 Unknown  
Edward Partleton 1782 Unknown  
Edward Partleton 23 Aug 1729 Unknown Anne Haston
Edward Partleton Bef. 1797 Unknown Elizabeth Unknown
Edward Partleton Private    
Edward Partleton or Partington Bef. 1712 Unknown Catherine Jobson
Edward Perry 1898 Unknown Olive Partleton
Edward Smallbone   Unknown Jane Partleton
Edward Trousdale 1872 Unknown  
Edward Trousdale 13 Sep 1842 Unknown Louisa Jones
Edward Unknown   Bef. 1881 Ann Partleton
Edward Whale 22 Jul 1827 Unknown  
Edward Wheeler 1837 Aft. 1901 Catherine Partleton
Edwin Hood   Unknown  
Eileen Skipsey   2002 Eric Wood
Eileen Tomlinson Private   Stephen Partleton
Elaine Carney Private    
Elaine Partleton Private   James Hamilton
Elaine Partleton 01-Feb-27 29-Aug-45  
Elaine White Private   Stephen Partleton
Eleanor 1799 Unknown James Munn
Eleanor Hood Private    
Eleanor Unknown   Unknown Charles Benson
Elinor Eve 1877 Unknown  
Elisabeth Partleton Private   Alan Weldon
Eliza 1821 Unknown Alfred Clay
Eliza Billing 21 Jun 1857 Jan-36 John Partleton
Eliza Cambridge   Unknown Joseph Pirie
Eliza Clay 1847 Unknown Charles Anderton
Eliza Cooper 1820 1882 Henry Partleton
Eliza Day 1845 Unknown  
Eliza Greenaway 1870 Unknown Thomas Peddie
Eliza Greenaway 1844 Unknown  
Eliza Jackman Bef. 1809 Unknown John Fenton
Eliza Partleton Jan 1829 Jan-08 John Thompson
Eliza Partleton Jan 1892 04 Nov 1895  
Eliza Partleton Apr 1885 Jan 1886  
Eliza Partleton 1820 Jan 1882  
Eliza Partleton Apr 1876 1956 Charles Eldridge
Eliza Partleton 14 Dec 1861 Unknown  
Eliza Pirie 1887 Unknown  
Eliza Pirie Apr 1844 Unknown  
Eliza Price 1840 Unknown  
Eliza Smith 1881 Unknown  
Eliza Stevens 07 May 1848 Unknown  
Eliza Unknown 1842 Unknown Unknown Peddie
Eliza Unknown 1825 Unknown John Billing
Elizabet Partleton 12 Nov 1843 Unknown  
Elizabeth Blaycock 1801 Unknown William Partington Possibly Partleton
Elizabeth Burgess 28-Feb-03 Mar-98 William Partleton
Elizabeth Chambers 1880 Unknown  
Elizabeth Darby 1894 Unknown  
Elizabeth Day 1859 Unknown  
Elizabeth Eve 1793 Unknown  
Elizabeth Fielder 23-Mar-02 Nov-89 William Partleton
Elizabeth Forecast 10 May 1825 1883 Joseph Loring
Elizabeth Gorst Private   James Partleton
Elizabeth Gray 1896 Unknown  
Elizabeth Greenaway 1875 Unknown  
Elizabeth Greenwood 18 Jan 1786 Unknown  
Elizabeth Greenwood 10 Dec 1752 Unknown  
Elizabeth Greenwood 08 Oct 1844 Bef. 1851  
Elizabeth Greenwood 06 Aug 1828 Unknown  
Elizabeth Lysons   Unknown David Cunningham
Elizabeth Mack   Unknown George Needham
Elizabeth Mecklenburgh 1885 1946 Thomas Simons
Elizabeth Myner 1866 1885  
Elizabeth Myre 08 Oct 1669 1752 James Benson
Elizabeth Partington Possibly Partleton 12 Nov 1843 Unknown  
Elizabeth Partleton Bef. 1745 Unknown Joseph Holmes
Elizabeth Partleton 1871 Unknown Ralph Dodds
Elizabeth Partleton Jan 1895 Jun 1896  
Elizabeth Partleton Jan 1874 16-Mar-49 Walter Gray
Elizabeth Partleton 15 Dec 1761 Bef. 1769  
Elizabeth Partleton 22 Oct 1769 Unknown  
Elizabeth Partleton 29 Jun 1834 Unknown  
Elizabeth Partleton 30 Jan 1835 15 Feb 1835  
Elizabeth Partleton Oct 1869 Unknown  
Elizabeth Stevens 02 Jun 1850 Unknown  
Elizabeth Symes Private    
Elizabeth Taylor 1835 1905 Frederick Eve
Elizabeth Troughton Abt. 1638 18 May 1680 Stephen Benson
Elizabeth Unknown 1801 Unknown William Partleton
Elizabeth Unknown   Unknown Edward Partleton
Elizabeth Unknown   Unknown William Myres
Elizabeth Unknown 1816 Unknown Samuel Greenaway
Elizabeth Unknown 1841 Unknown Joseph Partleton
Elizabeth Unknown Private   Richard Darlington
Elizabeth Whale 14 May 1820 Unknown William Stevens
Ellen Attwood   Unknown William Munn
Ellen Briant Private   William Arscott
Ellen Carter   Unknown Jeffrey Benson
Ellen Eve 1866 1867  
Ellen Eve 1869 Unknown  
Ellen Eve 1870 Unknown  
Ellen Eve 1870 Unknown  
Ellen Huckle Private   Benjamin Partleton
Ellen Jewitt 1876 Unknown  
Ellen Lakey Private    
Ellen Partington Possibly Partleton 1874 Unknown Thomas Wright
Ellen Partleton 22 May 1897 Apr-80  
Ellen Partleton Oct 1883 Unknown Thomas Wright
Ellen Partleton 1881 Jul-46 John Byatt
Ellen Unknown 1829 1869 John Eve
Ellen Unknown 1861 Unknown Frederick Eve
Ellen Wheeler Apr 1870 Aft. 1891  
Elsie Partleton Private   Alexander Shurrock
Elsie Partleton Private   Walter Poyner
Elsie Smith 1890 Unknown  
Emily Collard 1890 Unknown  
Emily Eve 1858 Unknown  
Emily Eve 1884 Unknown  
Emily Eve Mar 1890 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Emily Greenwood 1851 Unknown  
Emily Logan Private   Stanley Partleton
Emily Partleton Jan 1865 14-Apr-45 John Luetchford
Emily Partleton Oct 1887 Aft. 1917 William Peters
Emily Partleton Apr 1866 Jul-26 Richard Brunton
Emily Stevens 28 Mar 1858 1943 William Eve
Emma Clay 11 Mar 1825 Unknown  
Emma Clay 1857 Unknown  
Emma Eve 1878 Unknown  
Emma Gould 1841 1909 James Partleton
Emma Leggett 1827 Unknown William Munn
Emma Munn Jun 1849 Unknown  
Emma Partleton Apr 1897 Apr-16  
Emma Partleton 09 Feb 1835 Oct 1839  
Emma Partleton 16 Aug 1863 Jul 1864  
Emma Partleton 14 Jan 1869 Jul-13 Henry Porter
Emma Partleton Jan 1877 Jan-11  
Emma Payne 14 Jan 1894 Jul-82 Arthur Partleton
Emma Pirie 1846 Unknown  
Eric Eldridge Jan-03 Unknown  
Eric Partleton 13-Mar-22 Nov-99 Maud Noble
Eric Partleton 19-Nov-24 Oct-87 Noreen Bone
Eric Partleton Apr-41 Apr-41  
Eric Wood 02-Oct-30 1995 Eileen Skipsey
Erica Partleton Private   Peter Waite
Ernest Norman 1897 Unknown  
Ernest Partleton 22 Jun 1896 19-Oct-16  
Ernest Partleton Jan 1890 10 Jul 1890  
Ernest Partleton Jul-10 Apr-17  
Ernest Pirie   Unknown  
Ernest Smith 1884 Unknown  
Ernest Trousdale 1887 Unknown  
Ernestine Ruttnig Private   Stanley Frost
Estelle Eve Private    
Esther Greenwood 20 Apr 1777 Unknown  
Ethel Astell 1909 Apr-60 George Partleton
Ethel Eldridge Private    
Ethel Partleton 03-Jan-20 Sep-03 Lionel Carrier
Ethel Partleton 02 Sep 1892 Unknown Arthur Whitworth
Ethel Whitworth 19-Mar-19 23-Dec-04 John Garbo
Eurfil Adams Private   Agnes Partleton
Evelyn Aubrey Private    
Evelyn Eve Private    
F Luetchford   Unknown  
Fanny Willcox Apr 1844 Unknown  
Feofan Bobrik Private   Nadia Trush
Flora Unknown 1874 Unknown George Perry
Florence Barrett 1881 Aft. 1956 Unknown Walker
Florence Gray 1898 Unknown  
Florence Knight 26 Dec 1893 Jul-77 Arthur Partleton
Florence Marks 1864 Unknown  
Florence Partleton 1882 1915 Charles Ryan
Florence Partleton 1883 Unknown Charles Ryan
Florence Partleton Jul 1893 Oct 1893  
Florence Partleton 12 Dec 1899 01-Mar-79 John Morgan
Florence Partleton Oct 1874 Oct-49 Walter Coombes
Florence Partleton Private   William Watson
Florence Perry 1894 Unknown  
Frances Bowerbank 09 Dec 1792 Unknown William Thompson
Frances Hammond 25 Aug 1896 Apr-77 Cecil Partleton
Frances Hartley 1840 Unknown  
Frances Jackman 27 Jan 1814 Apr-07 George Partleton
Frances Partleton Oct 1841 Apr-35  
Frances Partleton 27-Oct-16 Oct-02 Alfred Hicks
Frances Salter 1843 Jul 1884 David Pirie
Frances Thompson 22 Apr 1827 Unknown  
Frances Unknown 1791 Oct 1857 Henry Jackman
Francis Cunningham 1853 Unknown  
Francis Jewitt 1884 Unknown  
Francis Needham Private    
Francis Partleton 01-May-24 09-Oct-97 Saralee Gross
Francis Trousdale 1835 Unknown  
Francis Trousdale 1801 Sep 1848 Margaret Partleton
Frank Bennett Private   Vera Partleton
Frank Eve 1876 1881  
Frank Partleton Apr-16 Jan-93 Gladys Pike
Frank Partleton Jan-20 Abt. Jul 2003 Joan Shirtliff
Frank Partleton 28-Nov-19 Dec-96 Ivy Cooper
Frank Trousdale 1877 Unknown  
Fred Eve 1881 1881  
Fred Mecklenburgh   1946 Dorothy Osgood
Frederick Cordingley 1910 1971 Alice Partleton
Frederick Crowhurst 1861 Unknown  
Frederick Eve 1885 Unknown  
Frederick Eve 1872 Unknown  
Frederick Eve 1899 Unknown  
Frederick Eve 1859 Unknown Ellen Unknown
Frederick Eve 11 Aug 1826 1878 Elizabeth Taylor
Frederick Eve 1866 Unknown  
Frederick Haggis 1853 Unknown  
Frederick Haggis 1898 Unknown  
Frederick Haggis Private    
Frederick Johnson 1862 Aft. 1901 Marion Partleton
Frederick Luetchford 1900 Unknown  
Frederick Mason Private   Winifred Wickenden
Frederick Munn Feb 1859 Unknown  
Frederick North Private   Kathleen Partleton
Frederick Papworth   Unknown Lilian Unknown
Frederick Partleton Private   Joyce Baker
Frederick Partleton 13 Sep 1895 Oct-48  
Frederick Partleton 16-Feb-09 Jan-94 Martha Allsop
Frederick Partleton 1878 Jul-52 Charlotte Jewitt
Frederick Partleton Jan 1882 Unknown  
Frederick Partleton 1899 Jan-31 Edith Christie
Frederick Partleton 18 Jul 1898 Jan-87 Marguerite Eve
Frederick Partleton 03-Feb-01 03-Dec-57 Grace Green
Frederick Smith 1845 Unknown Susan Pirie
Frederick Smith 1868 Unknown  
Frederick Thompson 1860 Aft. 1901  
Garnet Eve Jun 1888 Unknown Margaret Fox
Garnet Eve 08-Dec-20 Jul-92  
Garry Partleton Private    
Gary Atkins Private    
Gary Hall Private   Angela Partleton
Gay Partleton Private   Raymond Hugill
George Arscott 1881 1931 Dorothy Munn
George Clark   Unknown Lily Trousdale
George Collard 1896 Unknown  
George Eldridge Jul-05 Unknown  
George Eve 1836 Unknown  
George Eve 1868 Unknown  
George Eve 1869 Unknown  
George Eve 1879 Unknown  
George Greenwood 21 May 1767 Unknown  
George Greenwood 14 Oct 1789 Unknown  
George Greenwood 24 Dec 1779 Unknown  
George Haggis 1820 Bet. 1871 - 1881 Rosina Unknown
George Henry Private   Julia Partleton
George Luetchford 1866 Aft. 1891 Phoebe Partleton
George Moran Private    
George Needham   Unknown Elizabeth Mack
George Owen Jul 1859 Aft. 1901 Louisa Wheeler
George Partleton 06 Mar 1862 Jan 1872  
George Partleton 21 Mar 1834 12 Aug 1862  
George Partleton Private   Rosemary Brooker
George Partleton 1813 18 May 1866 Frances Jackman
George Partleton 21-Jan-09 Oct-92 Ethel Astell
George Partleton Oct 1867 Jan 1868  
George Partleton Jul 1851 Oct 1871  
George Partleton Jul 1845 Jul 1878  
George Partleton 06 Dec 1798 Nov 1831 Jane Harrison
George Perry 1872 Unknown Flora Unknown
George Perry 1895 Unknown  
George Ralph   Unknown Maria Eve
George Richardson   Unknown Nehetable Eve
George Rolfe   Unknown Maud Buckmaster
George Smith   Bef. 1896 Susan Pirie
George Stevens 01 Nov 1840 Unknown  
George Thompson Bef. 1818 Unknown  
George Trousdale 1875 Unknown  
George Trousdale 1839 Unknown  
George Wheeler 1903 Unknown  
George Wheeler Jul 1858 Unknown  
George Willcox 1820 Unknown Ann Price
George Wilson 1879 Unknown  
George Wood   Unknown Marion Partleton
Georgina Munn 1861 Unknown  
Gerald Bowes 1883 Apr-62 Ada Partleton
Gerald Bowes Private    
Gerald Martyniuk Private   Michelle Wood
Gillian Jackson Private   David Beer
Gillian Partleton Private   David Lewis
Ginette Partleton Private    
Gladys Eldridge 1899 Unknown Lance Culver
Gladys Harvey 23-Mar-32 Dec-92 Charles Partleton
Gladys Partleton Oct-17 Jul-46 Stanley Frost
Gladys Pike Private   Frank Partleton
Gordon Partleton Oct-36 13-Apr-38  
Grace Brunton 1900 Unknown  
Grace Carr   Unknown John Partleton
Grace Frost Private   Arthur Partleton
Grace Green   Unknown Frederick Partleton
Grace Partleton Private   Albert Topley
Grace Partleton Private    
Grace Partleton Oct-12 Aug-96 Leonard Needham
Greg Partleton Private    
Gregory Partleton Private    
Griffin Carney Private    
Guy Partleton Private   Denise Walker
Hannah Bulbrook 27 Aug 1834 Oct-18 Thomas Partleton
Hannah Chambers 1883 Unknown  
Hannah Collard 1888 Unknown  
Hannah Cunningham 17 Aug 1823 Unknown  
Hannah Cunningham 29 Sep 1838 26-Dec-26 Charles German
Hannah Dunsdon 30 Sep 1736 Unknown Thomas Partleton
Hannah Eve 1825 Unknown  
Hannah Foot 26 Sep 1787 Aft. 1841 John Clay
Hannah Greenaway 1873 Unknown  
Hannah Partleton 24 May 1865 Oct 1893 Daniel Harvey
Hannah Partleton 25 Jan 1760 Bef. 1841 Thomas Foot
Hannah Partleton Oct 1860 Jan 1899 Thomas Collard
Hannah Shears 1841 Unknown William Arscott
Hannah Unknown   Aft. 1746 John Dunsdon
Harold Aucock 19-Aug-12 Jul-03 Edith Partleton
Harold Smith   Unknown Violet Eldridge
Harold Teggart 15-Jun-14 Apr-77 Ursula Partleton
Harriet Hartley 1848 Unknown  
Harriet Hume 1856 1883 William Eve
Harriet Jackman 07 Mar 1821 Unknown  
Harriet Kimber 01 Apr 1881 1966 Arthur Loring
Harriet Toms 1825 Jul-09 Benjamin Partleton
Harriett Partleton Jan 1844 1928 Edward Norton
Harriett Wilson 1874 Unknown  
Harriott Greenwood 29 Sep 1786 Unknown  
Harrison Darby 1896 Unknown  
Harry Barrett 1876 30-May-53 Jemima Orr
Harry Ellis   Unknown Sarah Partleton
Harry Partleton Apr 1872 15 Jul 1873  
Harry Partleton Private   Sylvia Caine
Harry Thornett Private   Peggy Partleton
Heather Martyniuk Private    
Heather Partleton Private   Michael Mundy
Heather Unknown Private   Casey McDonald
Helen Partleton Apr 1839 Jul 1839  
Henrietta Luetchford 1889 Unknown  
Henrietta Partleton 1863 Jan-36 Albert Luetchford
Henry Arnold Jul 1871 22-Feb-56 Mary Partleton
Henry Barrett 1854 01-Feb-36 Lucy Partleton
Henry Burgess 1877 Unknown Louisa Robinson
Henry Butler Private   Joan Partleton
Henry Byatt 10-Aug-09 Oct-99  
Henry Crowhurst 1867 Unknown  
Henry Day 1817 Unknown Caroline Price
Henry Hartley 31 Dec 1812 Unknown Caroline Jackman
Henry Hartley 1842 Unknown  
Henry Jackman 1811 Unknown  
Henry Jackman 1786 Jul 1852 Frances Unknown
Henry Jewitt 1888 Unknown  
Henry Luetchford 1889 Unknown  
Henry Munn 1825 Unknown  
Henry Partleton 17 Dec 1868 Jan 1869  
Henry Partleton Oct 1898 13-Jul-00  
Henry Partleton 1814 Apr 1893 Eliza Cooper
Henry Partleton 1838 Aft. 1851 Selina Matthews
Henry Porter 1867 1926 Emma Partleton
Henry Starr   Unknown Mary Unknown
Henry Symes   Unknown Maud Arnold
Henry Wheeler 1864 Unknown  
Henry Wilson 1729 Unknown  
Herbert Eldridge Apr-04 Unknown  
Herbert Eve 1879 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Herbert Frost 1881 Unknown Jessie Dean
Herbert King   Unknown  
Herbert Munn 23 Aug 1877 1933 Edith Jarvis
Herman House   Unknown Emily Partleton
Hilda Byatt 04-May-05 Unknown  
Hilda Mannall Private    
Holly Martyniuk Private    
Horace Marks 1870 Unknown  
Horace Partleton 20-Jan-07 Unknown  
Howell Roderick Private   Carole Carrier
Ian Bobbin Private   Shirley Partleton
Ian Bobbin Private   Shirley Partleton
Ian Morrison Private    
Ian Partleton Private    
Ian Partleton Private    
Ida Marks 1878 Unknown  
Ida Unknown 1861 Unknown John Ward
India Leon Private    
Iris Eldridge Private   Cyril Brittain
Irvin Partleton 03 Aug 1834 14 Sep 1834  
Isabella Fox   Unknown Stephen Partleton
Isabella Shaw 1797 19 Aug 1833 Thomas Partleton
Isobella Partleton Private    
Ivy Cooper 22-Aug-21 Jan-90 Frank Partleton
Ivy Young Private   Reginald Partleton
J Willis Private   Lynne Partleton
Jack Haggis Private    
Jack Moran Private    
Jack Pickett   Unknown Catherine Partleton
Jacqueline Partleton Private   Unknown Cohan or Coman
Jacqueline Partleton Private   David Moran
Jade Partleton Private    
Jade Roberts Private   Neil Unknown
James Addison 10-Mar-20 24-Mar-76 Doris Haggis
James Barrett Jul 1857 Unknown  
James Benson 1668 Sep 1715 Elizabeth Myre
James Bowes 1911 Unknown  
James Bowes 1909 Unknown  
James Crowhurst 1827 Unknown Jane Price
James Cunningham 02 Oct 1808 08 Aug 1892 Catherine Partleton
James Cunningham 30 Jul 1835 Unknown Bridget Wall
James Daveron   1861 Marion Partleton
James Dawson Private   Nathalie Bryant
James Edmonds Private   Alice Partleton
James Eve 1828 Unknown  
James George   Unknown Mary Unknown
James Greenaway 1836 Unknown  
James Haggis 1865 Unknown  
James Hamilton Private   Elaine Partleton
James Hartley 1847 Unknown  
James Hudy Private   Angela Grady
James Hudy Private    
James Marks 1860 Unknown  
James Munn 1880 Unknown  
James Munn 1826 Unknown  
James Munn 1800 Unknown Eleanor
James Needham 1868 Unknown Louise Crisp
James Needham 1897 Unknown  
James Partleton 05 Aug 1859 21-Jan-35 Mary Stuart
James Partleton 05 May 1837 Jul 1876 Emma Gould
James Partleton 21 Apr 1806 Jan 1873 Mary Garrad
James Partleton Oct 1867 Jul-08  
James Partleton 25-Oct-24 Apr-87  
James Partleton Oct 1886 Oct 1886  
James Partleton Private   Elizabeth Gorst
James Partleton 24-Jun-08 Dec-76  
James Partleton Private   Rosemary Chitty
James Partleton 28 Jun 1897 Oct-79 Annie Brown
James Percival   Jan-86 Mabel Partleton
James Piatt Private   Lillian Clark
James Stevens 10 Feb 1856 Unknown  
James Troughton Abt. 1613 Unknown Maragaret Unknown
James Watt Private   Karen Juliano
James Young Private   Paula Grogan-Price
Jamie Watt Private    
Jane Beck 03 Aug 1740 Unknown William Partleton
Jane Clark 1840 Jan 1890 Benjamin Partleton
Jane Darby 1874 Unknown  
Jane Harrison Bef. 1803 Aft. 1841 George Partleton
Jane Hodgson Abt. 1793 Unknown Thomas Partleton
Jane Jackson 1804 1862 Samuel Loring
Jane Johnstone 1832 Jul 1898 William Partleton
Jane Le Masters Private   Robin Partleton
Jane Partleton 18 Jun 1865 Jan-40  
Jane Partleton 1850 Unknown  
Jane Partleton Jul 1892 Jul-35 John Lakey
Jane Partleton   Apr 1849  
Jane Partleton 06 Aug 1838 Sep 1839  
Jane Partleton 1865 Jan-40  
Jane Partleton Bef. 1756 Unknown William Bartley
Jane Partleton 26 Feb 1865 Aft. 1901 Edward Smallbone
Jane Partleton 11 Jan 1762 Unknown  
Jane Partleton Private   David Marlborough
Jane Partleton Oct 1881 Oct 1886  
Jane Partleton   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jane Peacock 1885 Unknown  
Jane Price 1831 Unknown James Crowhurst
Jane Unknown 1843 Unknown Samuel Greenaway
Jane Willcox Oct 1842 11-Feb-25 Charles Partleton
Janet Myner 1873 Unknown John Quinton
Janet Waters Private   Unknown Summers
Janice Partleton Private   Robert Arrowsmith
Jaquin Fernandez Private    
Jay Jackson Private    
Jean Addison Private    
Jean Mason Private   Michael Jackson
Jean Mills Private   Charles Partleton
Jeffrey Benson Abt. 1578 Unknown  
Jeffrey Benson 1603 Mar 1653 Ellen Carter
Jemima Orr 1876 Bef. 1953 Harry Barrett
Jennifer Addrison Private    
Jennifer Jean Private    
Jennifer Partleton Private    
Jessica Partleton Private    
Jessie Dean   Unknown Herbert Frost
Joan Arscott 22-Aug-12 22-Jul-96 Richard Darlington
Joan Aubrey Private    
Joan Browning Private    
Joan Bunyan   1970 Alfred Partleton
Joan Partleton Private   David Surridge
Joan Partleton Private   Henry Butler
Joan Partleton 03-Aug-28 07-Jan-03 Roman Martyniuk
Joan Partleton Private   David Hubbard
Joan Shirtliff Private   Frank Partleton
Joan Wadeson Private   John Partleton
Joanna Willis Private   Peter Ruff
Joanne Jackson Private    
Joanne Price Private   David Partleton
John Arnold 1815 Aft. 1871 Charlotte Barnes
John Arnold 1861 Unknown  
John Benson 12 Aug 1758 22 Dec 1821 Mary Wilson
John Billing 1822 Unknown Eliza Unknown
John Bowerbank   Unknown Mary Greenhow
John Brown   Unknown Mary Brooks
John Bruton   Unknown Kathleen Partleton
John Byatt 18-Sep-07 Unknown  
John Byatt 19 Aug 1874 Unknown Ellen Partleton
John Clay 1846 Unknown  
John Clay   Bef. 1841 Hannah Foot
John Cordingley Private    
John Darby 1879 Unknown  
John Day 1855 Unknown  
John Dunsdon 12 May 1738 Unknown  
John Dunsdon   Aft. 1746 Hannah Unknown
John Eve 1858 Unknown  
John Eve 1858 Unknown  
John Eve 1826 Unknown Ellen Unknown
John Eve 1854 Unknown  
John Eve 1790 1790  
John Eve 1823 1899 Meriam Bohannon
John Eve 1795 Aft. 1871 Mary Speller
John Fenton   Unknown Eliza Jackman
John Garbo Private   Ethel Whitworth
John Greenwood 1842 Unknown  
John Greenwood 27 Dec 1790 Unknown  
John Haggis 1851 Unknown  
John Haggis 1895 Unknown Dorothy Partleton
John Hayston   Unknown Ann Partleton
John Herbert Private   Susan Partleton
John Jewitt 1849 Unknown Martha Unknown
John Jewitt 1878 Unknown  
John Lakey   Unknown Jane Partleton
John Lodge 1839 Unknown Edith Unknown
John Luetchford 1860 Aft. 1901 Emily Partleton
John Martyniuk Private    
John Mecklenburgh Abt. 1888 14-Feb-42 Margaret Unknown
John Monk   Unknown Sara Eve
John Morgan 27 Sep 1891 1946 Florence Partleton
John Munn Nov 1866 Unknown  
John Myres 20 Feb 1642 24 Apr 1701 Unknown Unknown
John Paine 27 Jul 1889 Unknown Catherine Bryan
John Partleton 1821 15 Jul 1832  
John Partleton 02 May 1847 Oct-05 Eliza Billing
John Partleton 15 Sep 1844 Unknown  
John Partleton Bef. 1815 Unknown Grace Carr
John Partleton Oct-36 Jul-60 Joan Wadeson
John Partleton   Unknown Edna Curtis
John Partleton Private   Lesley Brandon
John Partleton 14 Oct 1788 Abt. 1868 Mary Possibly Shepherd
John Partleton Private   Joyce Heywood
John Partleton 1913 08-Aug-66 Rose King
John Partleton Private   Christine Haimes
John Partleton Private   Betty Staines
John Partleton Private   Claire Probert
John Partleton 1862 Jul-27 Mary McQuade
John Partleton Apr 1881 Jan-45 Edith Jenkins
John Partleton Oct 1883 Jul-27  
John Partleton Private    
John Partleton Private    
John Partleton 10 Oct 1860 Oct-36 Mary Kendall
John Partleton 11-Apr-08 Apr-42  
John Pirie 1870 Unknown  
John Price 1788 Bet. 1851 - 1861 Caroline Unknown
John Quinton   Unknown Janet Myner
John Rawitser   14-Aug-90 Corinne Partleton
John Robinson   Unknown Louisa Cole
John Smith Private    
John Symes Private   Unknown Unknown
John Thompson 1857 Unknown  
John Thompson 03 Sep 1818 Apr 1885 Eliza Partleton
John Trousdale 1837 Unknown  
John Turner Private   Kay Partleton
John Ward 1860 Unknown Ida Unknown
John Willis Private   Linda Partleton
John Wright Private   Audrey Partleton
Johnathon McHenry Private    
Johnathon Turner Private    
Jonas Eve 1869 Unknown  
Jonas Whale 1796 Unknown Sarah Slaughter
Jordan Roberts Private    
Joseph Bulbrook 07 Jan 1809 Unknown Sarah unknown
Joseph Darby 1881 1909  
Joseph Eve Abt. 1886 Unknown  
Joseph Greenaway 1873 Unknown  
Joseph Greenwood 01 Jul 1792 Unknown  
Joseph Greenwood 02 Dec 1754 Unknown  
Joseph Haggis 1858 Unknown  
Joseph Haggis 1890 Unknown  
Joseph Holmes   Unknown Elizabeth Partleton
Joseph Loring 09 Apr 1826 Jun 1871 Elizabeth Forecast
Joseph Loring 01 Apr 1846 Mar-04 Mary Caress
Joseph Messenger Private   Christine Partleton
Joseph Munn 1831 Unknown  
Joseph Partleton Private    
Joseph Partleton Jul 1766 Unknown  
Joseph Partleton 22 Dec 1839 Unknown Elizabeth Unknown
Joseph Partleton 02-Sep-89 Feb-90  
Joseph Partleton 1837 Apr 1874  
Joseph Peacock 1855 Unknown Mary Partleton
Joseph Peacock 1887 Unknown  
Joseph Pirie 1868 Unknown Eliza Cambridge
Joseph Smith   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Joseph Thompson 22 Apr 1824 Unknown  
Josephine Findley 02 May 1886 30-Oct-65 William Partleton
Josephine Partleton Private    
Joshua McDonald Private    
Josiah Greenwood 08 May 1781 Unknown  
Joy Partleton Private   Alan Mulvey
Joyce Baker Private   Frederick Partleton
Joyce Eve Private    
Joyce Heywood Private   John Partleton
Joyce Reeve Private   Arthur Partleton
Joyce Waters Private   William Partleton
Julia Clay 1849 1851  
Julia Munn Mar 1857 Unknown  
Julia Partleton Private   Robert Cruickshank
Julia Partleton 14 Jan 1865 Unknown  
Julia Partleton 15-Jul-42 Jul-96  
Julia Partleton Jul-23 Jul-44  
Julia Unknown 1866 Unknown Arthur Eve
Julian Partleton Private   Sandra Blackmore
Julie FitzGerald Private   Neville Paine
Julie Palmer Private   Terry Partleton
Juliette Paynter Private    
June Partleton Private    
June Partleton Private   Charles Burns
June Unknown Abt. 1796 Unknown  
Justine Partleton Private    
Karen Cox Private   William Partleton
Karen Jackson Private    
Karen Johnston Private   Stanley Partleton
Karen Johnston Private   Stanley Partleton
Karen Juliano Private   James Watt
Karly Partleton Private    
Kate Barnard 16-Apr-09 Jul-76 Edmund Partleton
Kate Eve 1880 Unknown  
Kate Eve 1862 Unknown  
Kate Marks 1880 Unknown  
Kate Partleton Jul 1895 Jul 1895  
Kathleen Cole Private   Benjamin Partleton
Kathleen Jenkins Private    
Kathleen Kelly Private   Stephen Partleton
Kathleen Partleton Oct-18 Jan-89 Frederick North
Kathleen Partleton Jul 1896 1974 John Bruton
Kathleen Partleton Apr-19 Nov-01 Ronald Tate
Kathleen Skinner 1877 Apr-66 Arthur Partleton
Katie Beer Private    
Katie Partleton Private    
Kay Partleton Private   John Turner
Kayleigh Partleton Private    
Keira Stockley Private    
Keith Clark Private   Susan Partleton
Keith Lowe Private   Lori Partleton
Keith O'Regan Private   Pauline Darlington
Keith Partleton Private    
Keith Partleton Oct-63 Apr-65  
Kelly Budd Private   Timothy Jackson
Kelly Partleton Private    
Kelsie Turner Private    
Kenneth Farmer Private   Beryl Partleton
Kenneth Jackson Private   Violet Partleton
Kenneth Jackson Private   Carolyn Cook
Kenneth McCullough 1893 Unknown  
Kenneth Randall Private   Kathleen Partleton
Kenneth Yates Private   Carol Jackson
Kerry Turner Private    
Kevin Larkin Private   Carol Partleton
Kevin Partleton Private    
Kevin Partleton Private    
Kevin Partleton Private   Unknown Unknown
Kevin Yates Private   Caroline Nichol
Kim Atkins Private    
Kirsty Partleton Private    
Kristen Gardner Private    
Kyle Dobie Private    
Kylie Stroud Private    
Lainie Rawitser Private   Derek Stroud
Lance Culver   Unknown Gladys Eldridge
Lance Partleton Private   Ceida Unknown
Larissa Koudeleva Private   Stephen Martyniuk
Laura Marks 1871 Unknown  
Lauren Doyley Private    
Lawrence Owen 1892 Unknown  
Leah Stevens 26 Feb 1854 Unknown  
Leanne Arrowsmith Private    
Lee Partleton Private    
Lee Stockley Private   Sarah Martyniuk
Leesa Partleton 1958 28-Sep-06 Tom Lusk
Leonard Head Private    
Leonard Johnson 1889 Unknown  
Leonard Needham   Aug-96 Grace Partleton
Leonard Partleton 10 Jun 1888 Unknown  
Lesley Brandon Private   John Partleton
Leslie Eldridge Private    
Leslie Munn Mar-01 Unknown  
Leslie Partleton Private   Valerie Bradley
Letice Stevens 10 Aug 1862 Unknown  
Lilian Eve 1896 Unknown  
Lilian Gardner 25-Nov-02 Apr-85 Charles Partleton
Lilian Papworth 1907 Unknown Albert Eve
Lilian Partleton Jul-10 Nov-85  
Lilian Unknown   Unknown Unknown Partleton
Lilian Unknown   Unknown Frederick Papworth
Lillian Clark 11-Feb-12 08-Feb-87 James Piatt
Lillian Marks 1876 Unknown  
Lillian Needham   Unknown  
Lillian Rolfe 20 Dec 1886 19-Jan-57 Charles Partleton
Lily Eve 1892 Unknown  
Lily Marlborough Private    
Lily Mecklenburgh Jun 1898 1945  
Lily Partleton 17 Mar 1891 Jan 1893  
Lily Peacock 1900 Unknown  
Lily Trousdale 30 Aug 1884 13-Aug-52 George Clark
Linda Burton 05-Feb-10 Nov-00 William Partleton
Linda Partleton Private   John Willis
Linda Partleton Private   Stephen Guiver
Lionel Carrier Private   Ethel Partleton
Lisa Partleton Private    
Lisa Partleton Private   Mark Spurway
Lisa Partleton Private   Unknown Doyley
Lisa Partleton Private   Andrew Fallows
Lizzie Hutchinson 16 May 1897 Oct-82 Charles Partleton
Logan Bryant Private    
Loraine Partleton Private    
Lori Partleton Private   Keith Lowe
Lorna Arscott 25-Jan-26 13-Jul-90  
Lorna Hood Private    
Louisa Cole 1856 Unknown John Robinson
Louisa Haggis 1887 Unknown  
Louisa Jackman 09 May 1823 Unknown  
Louisa Jones   Unknown Edward Trousdale
Louisa Partleton Jan 1849 Jan 1851  
Louisa Robinson 1879 Unknown Henry Burgess
Louisa Sorrell 1821 Unknown Thomas Cole
Louisa Trousdale 1880 Unknown  
Louisa Wheeler Jul 1861 Aft. 1901 George Owen
Louisa White 1864 Unknown Thomas Haggis
Louise Bryant Private    
Louise Crisp   Unknown James Needham
Louise Eve 1873 Unknown  
Louise Eve Private    
Louise Needham   Unknown  
Louise Partleton Private    
Louise Partleton Private    
Lucie Barrett Aft. 1902 Unknown Unknown Wotherspoon
Lucy Greenwood 17 Aug 1775 Unknown  
Lucy Haggis 1934 1989  
Lucy Partleton 16 Jun 1848 1927 Henry Barrett
Lucy Stevens 20 Nov 1842 Unknown  
Luigina Giannandrea Private   Raphael Partleton
Lula Unknown 1859 Bef. 1930 Albert German
Lydia Eve 1860 Unknown  
Lydia Jeans 1866 Apr-27 William Partleton
Lydia Partleton Jan 1889 Jul-68 Thomas Pryse
Lynn Partleton Private   David Tierman
Lynn Partleton Private   Robert Hudy
Lynne Davies Private   Victor Cordingley
Lynne Partleton Private   J Willis
Mabel Byatt Private    
Mabel Partleton 21-Aug-00 Aug-84 James Percival
Maidie Hagerling 19 Oct 1891 Dec-82 William Partleton
Maisie Botting 22-Dec-06 Dec-99 Alfred Partleton
Malcolm Nash Private   Zara Partleton
Malcolm Pye Private   Deborah Partleton
Male Arscott 1930 1930  
Maliqui Partleton Private    
Malissa Partleton Private    
Maragaret Peacock 1898 Unknown  
Maragaret Unknown Abt. 1615 Unknown James Troughton
Marcha King Private   Terry Partleton
Margaret Arscott Bet. 1912 - 1919 Bef. 1919  
Margaret Eve 1893 Unknown  
Margaret Fox   Unknown Garnet Eve
Margaret Janet 1858 Unknown Owen Eve
Margaret Lakey Private    
Margaret Lee   Unknown Thomas Partleton
Margaret Partington Possibly Partleton 1852 Unknown  
Margaret Partleton 04 Jun 1826 23 Jan 1828  
Margaret Partleton 27 Jul 1828 Unknown  
Margaret Partleton 1831 Aft. 1851  
Margaret Partleton 1906 31-Jan-65  
Margaret Partleton 25 Mar 1802 Jun 1849 Francis Trousdale
Margaret Partleton 01 Jan 1770 Unknown  
Margaret Partleton Private    
Margaret Partleton 1852 Unknown  
Margaret Stevens 08 Feb 1852 Unknown  
Margaret Trousdale 1871 Unknown  
Margaret Unknown   Unknown John Mecklenburgh
Marguerite Eve 30 Aug 1897 Apr-75 Frederick Partleton
Marguerite Partleton Jul-21 Oct-21  
Maria Eden 1819 Oct 1887 David Pirie
Maria Eve 1818 Unknown George Ralph
Maria Stevens 26 Apr 1846 Unknown  
Mariam Barrett 1889 Unknown  
Marian Partleton Jul-14 Jan-80 Archibald Swan
Marian Rogers Private   Anthony Partleton
Marion Johnson 1896 Unknown  
Marion Partleton 24-Apr-08 May-88 George Wood
Marion Partleton Apr 1864 Jan-49  
Marion Partleton 10 May 1864 Aft. 1901 Frederick Johnson
Marion Partleton 09 Apr 1834 Jul 1859 James Daveron
Marion Partleton 1864 Unknown  
Marjory Brown Private   Richard Roberts
Mark Addrison Private   Barbara Partleton
Mark Conway Private   Carole Partleton
Mark Hawkins Private   Belinda Willis
Mark Partleton Private   Andrea Paget
Mark Spurway Private   Lisa Partleton
Marth Partleton 1849 Unknown  
Martha Allsop 13-Jan-12 Feb-97 Frederick Partleton
Martha Cunningham 24 Apr 1843 1865  
Martha Cunningham 21 Nov 1810 Unknown  
Martha Eve 1833 Unknown  
Martha Jewitt 1873 Unknown  
Martha Peacock 1895 Unknown  
Martha Unknown 1851 Bet. 1891 - 1901 John Jewitt
Martin Partleton Private    
Mary Arnold 1897 1984  
Mary Arnold Jan 1863 Unknown  
Mary Brooks   Aft. 1834 Benjamin Partleton
Mary Caress 1848 1887 Joseph Loring
Mary Davis 1846 Jan 1892 Charles Marks
Mary Dover 1812 Jan 1858  
Mary Elliott 1869 Unknown  
Mary Eve 1875 Unknown  
Mary Eve 1799 Unknown  
Mary Eve 1821 Unknown  
Mary Eve 1790 1813  
Mary Garrad 29 Jul 1807 Jan 1873 James Partleton
Mary Greenhow   Unknown John Bowerbank
Mary Greenwood 17 Nov 1773 Unknown  
Mary Greenwood 1800 27 Dec 1855 Benjamin Partleton
Mary Greenwood 11 Jul 1824 Unknown  
Mary Haddon 1822 Bef. 1855 David Pirie
Mary Kendall 1862 Jan 1886 John Partleton
Mary Kerr   Unknown Harry Barrett
Mary McQuade 1863 1935 John Partleton
Mary Myner 12 Aug 1862 Unknown  
Mary Partleton 08 May 1841 18 Sep 1845  
Mary Partleton Jan 1882 Jan 1883  
Mary Partleton Jul 1889 Aft. 1927 Stephen Pay
Mary Partleton 18 Jun 1823 Feb 1824  
Mary Partleton 1863 Jan-22 Joseph Peacock
Mary Partleton 15 Oct 1871 Jul-07 Henry Arnold
Mary Partleton 1860 Oct 1872  
Mary Partleton 20 May 1838 Aft. 1901 Thomas White
Mary Partleton 02 Oct 1731 Unknown  
Mary Partleton 07 Aug 1763 Unknown  
Mary Partleton 28 Mar 1834 Unknown  
Mary Partleton Oct 1897 Oct-07  
Mary Partleton 1828 Unknown William Varty
Mary Peacock 1883 Unknown  
Mary Peddie 1888 Unknown  
Mary Penny Abt. 1821 Unknown Edward Partleton
Mary Pirie 16 Nov 1807 Unknown  
Mary Pirie 22 Apr 1838 Unknown  
Mary Possibly Shepherd 1785 Abt. 1869 John Partleton
Mary Pyner Private   William Mecklenburgh
Mary Speller 1795 1879 John Eve
Mary Starr Private    
Mary Starr 25 Dec 1764 Unknown Dutton Greenwood
Mary Stevens 30 Oct 1864 Unknown  
Mary Stuart 11 Apr 1862 14-Jan-34 James Partleton
Mary Thompson 27 Dec 1819 Unknown  
Mary Trousdale 1830 Unknown  
Mary Unknown   Unknown Henry Starr
Mary unknown   Unknown Thomas Partington Possibly Partleton
Mary Unknown 1812 Unknown Zachariah Davis
Mary unknown 1844 1906 John Eve
Mary unknown   Unknown Charles Palmer
Mary Unknown 1860 Unknown  
Mary Unknown   1858 David Pirie
Mary unknown Bef. 1734 Unknown Edward Partleton
Mary Unknown 1843 Unknown Unknown Walters
Mary Unknown   Unknown James George
Mary unknown Private    
Mary Unknown   Unknown Unknown Irvin
Mary Unknown 1871 Unknown Walter Eve
Mary Unknown Private   Michael Rawitser
Mary Wannell Jan 1893 Aft. 1901  
Mary Webb 1796 1882 William Eve
Mary Whale 17 Oct 1824 Unknown  
Mary Wilson 08 Sep 1754 1810 John Benson
Marylyn Geddes Private    
Matilda Stevens 15 Sep 1844 Unknown  
Matthew Partleton Private    
Maud Arnold 1906 1986 Henry Symes
Maud Buckmaster   Unknown George Rolfe
Maud Noble 29-Feb-12 Nov-97 Eric Partleton
Maureen Collins Private   Barry Partleton
Maureen Eve Private    
Maureen Oshodi Private   David Partleton
Maurice Brunnock Private   Anne Partleton
Maurice Mannall   Unknown Charlotte Partleton
Maxim Bobrik Private    
Maxine Partleton Private   Simon Porter
May Adams 28-May-22 Nov-02 Charles Partleton
May Partleton Jan 1896 Jan 1896  
Meriam Bohannon 1839 Unknown John Eve
Mia Jackson Private    
Michael Ballesty Abt. 1900 1944 Susan McCluskey
Michael Bancroft Private   Susan Partleton
Michael Bryant Private   Amanda Paynter
Michael Fiore Private   Tara Juliano
Michael Fiore Private    
Michael Jackson Private   Jean Mason
Michael Loring Private   Carol Ryrol
Michael Monahan Private   Corinne Partleton
Michael Mundy Private   Heather Partleton
Michael Partleton Private   Ann Hartlebury
Michael Rawitser Private   Mary Unknown
Michael Smith Private    
Michael White   Unknown  
Michael Wilson Private   Rachel Partleton
Michelle Bryant Private    
Michelle Wood Private   Gerald Martyniuk
Mikola Trush Private   Anna Ilczyszyn
Mildred Sears 1880 Jan-51 Benjamin Partleton
Mildred Tolfree Private    
Minnie Dodds 1890 Unknown  
Monica Partleton 19-Jul-32 Aug-03 Norman Glass
Muriel Mannall Private    
Myra Eve 1893 Unknown  
Nadia Trush Private   Feofan Bobrik
Natalia Trush Private   Ruslan Unknown
Natasha unknown   1985 Stefan Ilczyszyn
Nathalie Bryant Private   James Dawson
Nathanial Eve 1875 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nehetable Boreham 1789 1844 Benjamin Eve
Nehetable Eve 1823 Unknown George Richardson
Neil Boote Private   Roma Martyniuk
Neil Unknown Private   Jade Roberts
Nell Partleton 1897 Unknown  
Nellie Mecklenburgh 1892 Dec-91 Charles Cowley
Nelson Eve 1899 Unknown  
Neville Paine 18-Sep-28 22-Feb-00 Ann Ballesty
Nicholas Addrison Private    
Nigel Partleton Private    
Nigel Partleton Private   Susan Yeatman
Nigel Partleton Private    
Noreen Bone 08-Feb-25 Jun-05 Eric Partleton
Noreen Darlington   Bef. 1952  
Norman Glass Private   Monica Partleton
Norman McCullough Jul 1890 Jan 1891  
Olive Haggis 1920 1920  
Olive Partleton Apr-00 15-May-73 Edward Perry
Olive Perry Private    
Oliver Partleton 1910 27-Nov-14  
Orlar Lynch Private    
Owen Eve 1888 Unknown  
Owen Eve Private    
Owen Eve 1867 1942 Margaret Janet
Patricia Adams Private   Terence Partleton
Patricia Carney Private   Ronald Juliano
Patricia Partleton Private   Austin Parker
Paul Jackson Private    
Paul Martyniuk Private    
Paul Paine Private   Sarah Wigley
Paul Partleton Private    
Paula Grogan-Price Private   William Partleton
Paulette Eve Private    
Pauline Darlington Private   Keith O'Regan
Pauline White Private   Robin Partleton
Peggy Partleton Private   Harry Thornett
Penny Needham Private    
Percival Owen 1888 Aft. 1901  
Percy Barrett 1882 Unknown Agnes Hunter
Percy Eve Abt. 1886 Unknown  
Peter Barber Private   Amanda Paynter
Peter Darby 1892 Unknown  
Peter Loring Private   Christine Meekey
Peter Partleton Private    
Peter Reilly   Unknown  
Peter Ruff Private   Joanna Willis
Peter Waite Private   Erica Partleton
Philip Morrison Private    
Philip Partleton Private   Suzanne Clonosy
Philip Tait Private   Susan Hewitt
Phoebe Partleton Jan 1872 Oct-30 George Luetchford
Phoebe Pirie 26 Jan 1836 Unknown  
Phyllis Lakey Private    
Possibly Partington 1735 Unknown  
Possibly Partinton 1733 Unknown  
Probably Greenaway 1877 Unknown  
Rachael Partleton Private    
Rachel Partleton Private    
Rachel Partleton Private   Michael Wilson
Ralph Dodds 1868 Unknown Elizabeth Partleton
Ralph Lynch Private   Alexandra Loring
Raphael Partleton Private   Luigina Giannandrea
Raphe Partleton 1625 Unknown  
Raymond Hugill Private   Gay Partleton
Raymond Partleton Private    
Rea Nash Private    
Rebecca Clay 1860 Unknown  
Rebecca Greenwood 02 Apr 1797 Unknown  
Rebecca Hutchison Private    
Rebecca Partleton Private    
Rebecca Partleton 22 Feb 1882 07-Nov-14  
Rebecca Partleton Private    
Reginald Aubrey   Unknown Alice Partleton
Reginald Partleton 15-Sep-27 Jul-95 Unknown poriaxi
Reginald Partleton 01-Oct-22 Mar-01 Ivy Young
Reginald Partleton Private   Susan Gain
Reginald Salmon Private   Dorothy Gibbard
Rheagan McDonald Private    
Richard Brunton 1868 1949 Emily Partleton
Richard Darlington   Unknown Joan Arscott
Richard Greenaway 1842 Unknown  
Richard Hardie Private   Unknown Symes
Richard Martins Private   Brenda Partleton
Richard Partleton 06-Sep-05 Jul-83 Alice Burl
Richard Partleton Private   Caroline Large
Richard Persinger Private   Christen Partleton
Richard Price 1835 Unknown  
Richard Roberts Private   Marjory Brown
Richard Ryan   Unknown  
Ricky Partleton Private    
Robert Arrowsmith Private   Janice Partleton
Robert Candland Private   Elizabeth Burgess
Robert Cruickshank Private   Julia Partleton
Robert Darby 1877 Unknown  
Robert Day 1851 Unknown  
Robert Eve 1877 Unknown  
Robert Greenwood 1854 Unknown  
Robert Greenwood 1817 Unknown Sarah Palmer
Robert Grierson 16-Feb-10 Apr-92 Alice Partleton
Robert Hartley   Unknown Ann Unknown
Robert Head 23-May-20 Oct-70 Joan Partleton
Robert Hudy Private   Lynn Partleton
Robert Partleton Apr-08 Oct-08  
Robert Partleton Jul 1867 Jan 1869  
Robert Partleton Private    
Robin Partleton Private   Jane Le Masters
Roger McCullough 1852 1895 Rosanna Partleton
Roger Partleton Private   Susan Crossman
Roma Martyniuk Private   Neil Boote
Roman Martyniuk 20-Nov-22 Apr-05 Joan Partleton
Ronald Juliano Private   Patricia Carney
Ronald Tate Private   Kathleen Partleton
Rosalie Unknown Private   Anthony Partleton
Rosanna Partleton 23 May 1866 Aft. 1896 Roger McCullough
Rose Browning Private    
Rose Eve 1897 Unknown  
Rose Eve 1892 Unknown Charles Browning
Rose Haggis 1915 1988  
Rose King 17-Dec-14 Dec-94 John Partleton
Rose Marty Private   Carl Schwingel
Rose Partleton Oct 1890 Unknown Alfred Iveson
Rose Partleton 07 Aug 1887 08-May-60 Alfred Hemmings
Rosemary Brooker 09-Jul-36 Feb-04 George Partleton
Rosemary Chitty 27-Feb-22 08-Mar-86 James Partleton
Rosetta Smith 17 Nov 1888 Abt. 1961 Thomas Peddie
Rosina Greenaway 1868 Unknown  
Rosina Partleton 14 Sep 1867 Unknown  
Rosina Unknown 1826 Unknown George Haggis
Rosina Wichett 23 Feb 1899 Jan-71 Walter Partleton
Ross Partleton Private    
Ross Partleton Private    
Roy Partleton Oct-40 1940  
Roy Wood 25-May-29 1957  
Ruby Partleton Private    
Ruslan Unknown Private   Natalia Trush
Russell Partleton Private    
Ruth Eve Private    
Ruth Partleton Private   Thomas Carney
Ryan Lusk Private    
Ryan Partleton Private    
Ryan Partleton Private    
Sally Needham Private    
Samantha Nash Private    
Samuel Greenaway 1866 Unknown  
Samuel Greenaway 1806 Unknown Elizabeth Unknown
Samuel Greenaway 1839 Unknown Jane Unknown
Samuel Loring 17 Sep 1802 Dec 1837 Jane Jackson
Samuel Myner 1875 Unknown  
Samuel Norman Private    
Samuel Norman 1862 1935 Clara Partleton
Samuel Partleton Private    
Samuel Price Abt. 1826 Unknown  
Samuel Wilson 1841 Jul 1886 Catherine Partleton
Samuel Wilson 1882 Unknown  
Sandra Blackmore Private   Julian Partleton
Sandra Sackett Private   Stephen Partleton
Sara Eve 1821 Unknown John Monk
Sara Joyce 1835 1908 Charles Eve
Sarah Barrett 1851 Unknown  
Sarah Baxter 22 Apr 1899 Apr-80 William Partleton
Sarah Berner   Unknown Dutton Greenwood
Sarah Dalton 1791 Unknown Charles Greenwood
Sarah Darby 1890 Unknown  
Sarah Dunsdon 01 Jun 1746 Unknown  
Sarah Greenwood 02 May 1766 Unknown  
Sarah Greenwood 13 Oct 1839 Unknown  
Sarah Greenwood 1822 Unknown  
Sarah Irvin   Unknown Davies Partleton
Sarah Loring Private    
Sarah Marks 1856 Unknown  
Sarah Martyniuk Private   Lee Stockley
Sarah Munn 1846 Unknown  
Sarah Palmer   Unknown Robert Greenwood
Sarah Partleton Jul 1866 Aft. 1907 Harry Ellis
Sarah Partleton 20 Mar 1845 09 Jul 1849  
Sarah Pirie 24 Mar 1837 Unknown  
Sarah Pirie 16 Jul 1832 Unknown  
Sarah Slaughter   Bef. 1851 Jonas Whale
Sarah Todd Abt. 1815 Bef. Oct 1850 David Pirie
Sarah Trousdale 1825 Unknown  
Sarah unknown   Unknown Joseph Bulbrook
Sarah Unknown   Unknown Arthur Thompson
Sarah Unknown 1801 Unknown William Greenwood
Sarah Unknown 1870 Unknown Daniel Harvey
Sarah Unknown 1820 Unknown Charles Marks
Sarah Unknown Possibly Collison 1831 Unknown Arthur Barrett
Sarah Wigley Private   Paul Paine
Sarah Willcox 1846 Unknown  
Saralee Gross 24-Apr-24 26-Jan-97 Francis Partleton
Scarlet Partleton Private    
Sean Marlborough Private    
Selina Matthews   Unknown Henry Partleton
Shanna Lowe Private    
Shannon Partleton Private    
Shaun Partleton Private   Unknown Unknown
Shayne Roberts Private   Barry McDonald
Sheralle Atkins Private    
Shirley Aucock Private   Albert Paynter
Shirley Partleton Private    
Shirley Partleton Private   Ian Bobbin
Shirley Partleton Private   Ian Bobbin
Sidney Luetchford 1894 Unknown  
Sidney Mannall 21-Sep-19 Jan-01  
Sidney Owen 1890 1890  
Sidney Partleton 1903 Unknown  
Simon Eve 1855 Unknown  
Simon Partleton Private    
Simon Porter Private   Maxine Partleton
Sophia Greenwood 01 Jun 1778 Unknown  
Sophia Hartley 1844 Unknown  
Sophia Jackman 1821 Oct 1897  
Sophia Stevens 1868 Unknown  
Sophia Unknown 1823 Unknown William Partleton
Sophie Arrowsmith Private    
Stacey Partleton Private    
Stanley Frost Private   Gladys Partleton
Stanley Johnson 1894 Unknown  
Stanley Partleton Private   Karen Johnston
Stanley Partleton Private    
Stanley Partleton 07-Aug-30 Oct-04 Emily Logan
Stefan Ilczyszyn   1979 unknown unknown
Stefan Ilczyszyn 1883 1959 Natasha unknown
Stephen Benson 22 Nov 1635 1673 Elizabeth Troughton
Stephen Guiver Private   Linda Partleton
Stephen Marlborough Private    
Stephen Martyniuk Private   Anita Paine
Stephen Moss Private   Wendy Partleton
Stephen Partleton Private    
Stephen Partleton Private   Elaine White
Stephen Partleton Private   Kathleen Kelly
Stephen Partleton Private   Eileen Tomlinson
Stephen Partleton 28-Jul-27 Oct-78 Anita Hayes
Stephen Partleton Private   Christine Hewson
Stephen Partleton 03 Apr 1896 30-Jan-51 Isabella Fox
Stephen Partleton Private   Susan Hewitt
Stephen Pay   Unknown Mary Partleton
Stephen Stuart   Unknown  
Steven Loring Private    
Stuart Paynter Private    
Susan Crossman Private   Roger Partleton
Susan Eve 1859 Unknown  
Susan Eve 1826 Unknown  
Susan Eve 1799 Unknown  
Susan Gain Private   Reginald Partleton
Susan Garbo Private   Unknown McHenry
Susan Hewitt Private   Stephen Partleton
Susan McCluskey Abt. 1908 04-Jan-68 Michael Ballesty
Susan Partleton Private   Keith Clark
Susan Partleton Private   John Herbert
Susan Partleton Private   Michael Bancroft
Susan Pirie 12 Feb 1847 Unknown Frederick Smith
Susan Pirie Jul 1864 01-Dec-29 Charles Partleton
Susan Smith 1872 Unknown  
Susan Taylor 1814 Unknown  
Susan Yeatman Private   Nigel Partleton
Suzanne Clonosy Private   Philip Partleton
Suzanne Partleton Private    
Sydney Addison 05 Jan 1885 17-Jan-41 Caroline Darvill
Sydney Loring 08-Dec-12 15-May-93 Dorothy Partleton
Sydney Marks 1884 Unknown  
Sydney Waters Private   Dorothy Partleton
Sylvia Caine Private   Harry Partleton
Sylvia Partleton Private   Dave Morrison
Sylvia Smith Private    
Tara Juliano Private   Michael Fiore
Terence Partleton Private   Patricia Adams
Terence Partleton 01-Aug-29 04-Sep-97 Dorothy Bell
Teresa Partleton Private   Ciaran Devine
Terrance Hicks Private    
Terry Partleton Private   Julie Palmer
Theresa Garrett 03-Jul-11 Jul-83 William Partleton
Thomas Barrett 1852 Unknown  
Thomas Bulbrook   Unknown  
Thomas Carney 09-Oct-43 18-Jun-64 Celia Griffin
Thomas Carney 17-Aug-10 28-Jul-87 Ruth Partleton
Thomas Chambers 1887 Unknown  
Thomas Cole   Unknown Louisa Sorrell
Thomas Collard 1859 Unknown Hannah Partleton
Thomas Collard 1881 Unknown  
Thomas Cunningham 16 Jul 1813 Unknown  
Thomas Daldry   Unknown Charlotte Partleton
Thomas Darby 1888 Unknown  
Thomas Day 1846 Unknown  
Thomas East   Unknown Alice Partleton
Thomas East 24-Dec-20 May-03  
Thomas Foot 1761 Aft. 1841 Hannah Partleton
Thomas Gould   Unknown  
Thomas Haggis 1862 Unknown Louisa White
Thomas Haggis 1928 1929  
Thomas Kay   Aft. 1917 Emily Partleton
Thomas Mecklenburgh 1909 1969  
Thomas Partington Possibly Partleton Oct 1816 07 Oct 1881 Catherine Storey
Thomas Partington Possibly Partleton Bef. 1774 Unknown Mary unknown
Thomas Partleton 07 May 1766 Unknown  
Thomas Partleton 03 Aug 1786 24 Aug 1834 Isabella Shaw
Thomas Partleton 18 Oct 1754 Unknown Margaret Lee
Thomas Partleton 07 May 1752 Unknown  
Thomas Partleton Apr 1793 Unknown Jane Hodgson
Thomas Partleton Abt. 1736 Unknown Hannah Dunsdon
Thomas Partleton 28 Jun 1818 Bet. 1881 - 1891 Catherine Unknown
Thomas Partleton 1819 07 Oct 1881  
Thomas Partleton 11 Sep 1831 Jan 1899 Hannah Bulbrook
Thomas Partleton 04 Apr 1824 Unknown  
Thomas Partleton 07 Oct 1821 Unknown  
Thomas Partleton 07 May 1852 Unknown  
Thomas Partleton Private    
Thomas Partleton Private    
Thomas Partleton Jul 1858 Jul-06 Charlotte Wills
Thomas Partleton 1803 17 Sep 1838 Ann George
Thomas Partleton Jul 1890 Jan 1894  
Thomas Partleton Private    
Thomas Partleton 1875 Unknown  
Thomas Peddie 1889 Unknown Rosetta Smith
Thomas Peddie 1866 Unknown Eliza Greenaway
Thomas Pryse   Bet. 1914 - 1918 Lydia Partleton
Thomas Simons   Unknown Elizabeth Mecklenburgh
Thomas Trousdale 1827 Unknown  
Thomas White   Unknown Mary Partleton
Thomas Wright 1879 Unknown Ellen Partleton
Thomas Wright   Unknown Ellen Partington Possibly Partleton
Timothy Carney Private    
Timothy Jackson Private   Kelly Budd
Tina Wood Private    
Todd Hudy Private    
Tom Lusk Private   Leesa Partleton
Tom Partleton Jan 1865 Unknown Ada Walters
Tommy Lusk Private    
Unknown Ayres Private   Unknown Partleton
Unknown Bone   Unknown Unknown Nicholson
Unknown Buchanan Private   Unknown Partleton
Unknown Chambers   Unknown Ann Chambers
Unknown Cohan or Coman Private   Jacqueline Partleton
Unknown Dobie Private   Donna Partleton
Unknown Doyley Private   Lisa Partleton
Unknown Eve Private    
unknown Eve Private    
Unknown Hall Private   Unknown Partleton
Unknown Head   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Ilczyszyn Private   Unknown Unknown
Unknown Ilczyszyn Private   Unknown Unknown
Unknown Ilczyszyn Private    
Unknown Irvin   Unknown Mary Unknown
Unknown Iveson   Unknown Rose Partleton
Unknown Jackson   Unknown William Partleton
Unknown Leon Private   Deborah Partleton
Unknown Mason Private   Unknown Partleton
Unknown Matson Private   Alice Whitworth
Unknown McHenry Private   Susan Garbo
Unknown Miles Private   Unknown Partleton
Unknown Nay   Unknown Unknown Partleton
Unknown Nicholson   Unknown Unknown Bone
Unknown Palmer   Bef. 1835 Mary Garrad
Unknown Partington Possibly Partleton   Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Partleton Private   Unknown Poriaxi
Unknown Partleton Private    
Unknown Partleton Private   Unknown Miles
Unknown Partleton Private   Lilian Unknown
Unknown Partleton Private   Unknown Buchanan
Unknown Partleton Private   Unknown Ayres
Unknown Partleton Private   Unknown Poleig
Unknown Partleton Private   Unknown Mason
unknown Partleton Private    
Unknown Partleton   Unknown Unknown Nay
Unknown Partleton   Unknown Unknown Unknown
unknown Partleton Private    
Unknown Partleton Private    
Unknown Partleton Private    
Unknown Partleton Private   Unknown Hall
unknown Partleton Private    
Unknown Peddie   Bef. 1871 Eliza Unknown
Unknown Peters Private    
Unknown Poleig Private   Unknown Partleton
Unknown poriaxi Private   Reginald Partleton
Unknown Poriaxi Private   Unknown Partleton
Unknown Probably Dawson   Unknown Rosanna Partleton
Unknown Probably King   Unknown Clara Partleton
Unknown Probably Tolfrey   Unknown Florence Partleton
unknown Sarah Private    
Unknown Smith   Unknown Ann Milligan
Unknown Smith Private   Violet Hillier
Unknown Strangeways Private   Denise Arscott
Unknown Summers Private    
Unknown Summers Private   Janet Waters
Unknown Symes Private   Richard Hardie
Unknown Temp Private    
Unknown Unknown Private   Kevin Partleton
Unknown Unknown Private   Bogdan Trush
Unknown Unknown Private    
Unknown Unknown Private   Shaun Partleton
Unknown Unknown Private   Amanda Mulvey
Unknown Unknown Private   Unknown Ilczyszyn
unknown unknown Private   Stefan Ilczyszyn
Unknown Unknown Private   Unknown Ilczyszyn
unknown unknown Abt. 1822 Unknown  
Unknown Unknown   Unknown John Myres
Unknown Unknown   Unknown William Myres
Unknown Unknown   Unknown William Myres
Unknown Unknown   Unknown William Myres
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Unknown Partleton
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Joseph Smith
Unknown Unknown   Bef. 1942 Caleb Lodge
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Clara Partleton
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Jane Partleton
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Unknown Partington Possibly Partleton
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Herbert Eve
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Nathanial Eve
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Unknown Head
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Arthur Eve
Unknown Unknown   Unknown Emily Eve
Unknown Unknown Private   John Symes
Unknown Walker   Unknown Florence Barrett
Unknown Walters   Unknown Mary Unknown
Unknown Wotherspoon   Unknown Lucie Barrett
Ursula Partleton Private   Harold Teggart
Valerie Bradley 04-Jan-32 Dec-02 Leslie Partleton
Valerie O'Neill Private   David Partleton
Vera Aubrey Private    
Vera Byatt Private    
Vera Partleton Private   Frank Bennett
Vern Vice Private   Beth Partleton
Verona German Feb 1870 26-Dec-62  
Victor Cordingley Private   Lynne Davies
Victor Eve Private    
Victor Eve 1896 Unknown  
Victor Partleton Jul-21 14-Oct-21  
Victor unknown Private    
Victoria Partleton Private    
Vienna Partleton Private    
Violet Byatt 06-Apr-00 Unknown  
Violet Clark 05-Mar-08 12-Oct-18  
Violet Day 1888 Oct-44 Alfred Partleton
Violet Eldridge Private   Harold Smith
Violet Eve 1879 Unknown  
Violet Hillier 15-Apr-19 Jul-95 Reginald Partleton
Violet Newton   Unknown Bertram Partleton
Violet Partleton 14-Jan-26 Jun-00 Kenneth Jackson
Wally Bishop   Unknown Edith Mecklenburgh
Walodymir Bobrik Private   Ynna Unknown
Walter Botting   Unknown  
Walter Coombes   Unknown Florence Partleton
Walter Cunningham 11 Mar 1821 Unknown  
Walter Eve 1894 Unknown  
Walter Eve 1862 Unknown Mary Unknown
Walter Eve 1885 Unknown  
Walter Gray 1875 Aft. 1901 Elizabeth Partleton
Walter Luetchford 1886 Unknown  
Walter Partleton 1898 Jul 1898  
Walter Partleton Jul-00 Apr-58 Rosina Wichett
Walter Partleton 1881 1955 Amy Cook
Walter Poyner Private   Elsie Partleton
Wendy Partleton Private   Stephen Moss
Wilfred Munn 1887 Unknown  
Will Stroud Private    
William Arscott 1853 Unknown Hannah Shears
William Arscott Private   Ellen Briant
William Atkins Private   Carol Jackson
William Ball Private   Ada Partleton
William Bartley Bef. 1756 Unknown Jane Partleton
William Benson 1697 Unknown  
William Benson 1785 17 Feb 1857 Ann Partleton
William Clay 1855 Unknown  
William Cooper   Unknown  
William Cunningham 31 Jan 1816 Unknown  
William Darby 1872 Unknown  
William Darby   Unknown Annie Partleton
William Darby 1850 Unknown Ann Partleton
William Day 1849 Unknown  
William East Private    
William Elliott Apr 1845 Unknown  
William Eve 1891 Unknown  
William Eve 1855 1886  
William Eve 1822 1822  
William Eve 1820 Unknown  
William Eve 1794 1873 Mary Webb
William Eve 1892 Unknown  
William Eve 1852 Unknown  
William Eve 05 Aug 1855 1947 Emily Stevens
William Eve 1876 Unknown  
William Eve 1761 1843 Ann Dowsett
William Gardner   Unknown  
William Geddes Private    
William Geddes Private   Edna Partleton
William Greenwood 22 Nov 1829 Unknown  
William Greenwood 06 Oct 1799 Unknown Sarah Unknown
William Grove   Unknown Catherine Partleton
William Harris Private   Christen Partleton
William Hood 1892 Unknown Winifred Partleton
William Mecklenburgh 1902 1969 Mary Pyner
William Munn 1822 Unknown Ann Partleton
William Munn 15 Dec 1844 Mar 1878  
William Myner 1871 1888  
William Myner 1839 Aft. 1887 Christina Unknown
William Myres Abt. 1495 Unknown Unknown Unknown
William Myres 07 Oct 1587 Unknown Elizabeth Unknown
William Myres Abt. 1523 Unknown Unknown Unknown
William Myres Abt. 1543 Unknown Unknown Unknown
William one   Unknown  
William Partington Possibly Partleton 05 Apr 1796 Unknown Elizabeth Blaycock
William Partleton 05 Oct 1766 Unknown  
William Partleton 1812 06 Mar 1889 Jane Johnstone
William Partleton 12-Jan-11 Apr-75 Linda Burton
William Partleton Oct-03 1904  
William Partleton 15 Jan 1791 Unknown Elizabeth Unknown
William Partleton 09 Jun 1808 Oct 1868 Ann Milligan
William Partleton Bef. 1740 Unknown Jane Beck
William Partleton   Jul 1855  
William Partleton Private   Paula Grogan-Price
William Partleton 10 Feb 1828 Aft. 1851  
William Partleton 31 Aug 1834 Unknown  
William Partleton 1846 Aft. 1861 Unknown Jackson
William Partleton 21 Apr 1852 Jul 1852  
William Partleton Private    
William Partleton 28 Jan 1855 Unknown  
William Partleton 12 May 1770 Unknown  
William Partleton Dec 1889 30 Jan 1890  
William Partleton 29 Sep 1899 Jul-60 Sarah Baxter
William Partleton 30-May-02 Jan-31  
William Partleton Private   Joyce Waters
William Partleton 11-May-05 Apr-78 Elizabeth Fielder
William Partleton Jan-15 Jul-69 Theresa Garrett
William Partleton 08 May 1855 18 Jun 1858  
William Partleton 15 Nov 1879 20-Nov-57 Amy Elder
William Partleton 25 Feb 1835 Aft. 1871  
William Partleton 28 Oct 1889 May-64 Maidie Hagerling
William Partleton 1827 1898 Anne Reilly
William Partleton 29-Nov-14 Jul-69  
William Partleton Apr 1893 Jan-67 Agnes Howes
William Partleton Apr 1866 1935 Lydia Jeans
William Partleton 26 Jan 1891 Apr 1891  
William Peacock 1889 Unknown  
William Peters   Bet. 1913 - 1917 Emily Partleton
William Price 1832 Unknown  
William Richardson Private   Grace Frost
William Smith 1887 Aft. 1901  
William Smith 1879 Unknown  
William Stevens 1815 Unknown Elizabeth Whale
William Stevens 21 Oct 1860 Unknown  
William Templeton 1864 Unknown Rosanna Partleton
William Thompson   Unknown Catherine Partleton
William Thompson 1859 Bef. 1871  
William Thompson 1795 Unknown Frances Bowerbank
William Thompson 06 Aug 1828 Unknown  
William Thompson 29 Nov 1825 Unknown  
William Varty 1820 Unknown Mary Partleton
William Watson Private   Florence Partleton
William Wilson 1885 Unknown  
Winifred Arnold 1902 23-Dec-93  
Winifred Clear Private    
Winifred Partleton 1902 Jan-81 William Hood
Winifred Wickenden Private   William Partleton
Winifred Woolston   Unknown Albert Eldridge
Xavier Fernandez Private   Amber Roberts
Ynna Unknown Private   Walodymir Bobrik
Yvonne Partleton Private   Craig Hutchison
Zachariah Davis 1816 Unknown Mary Unknown
Zara Partleton Private   Malcolm Nash